Sustainable development at the Universities – the second expert debate in Wroclaw Global Talks series


We invite you to watch the second expert debate initiating the Wroclaw Global Talks series. Guests of Professor Bogusława Drelich-Skulska, Vice-Rector for Accreditation and International Cooperation are Jamie Belinne – Associate Dean for Career and Industry Engagement at the C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston, Magdalena Rojek – Nowosielska, professor of…

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A new way to enhance the MBA experience


Those responsible for running MBA programmes and ensuring they are as up-to-date and impactful as possible are always looking for the right ideas and partnerships to help make that happen. In this endeavour, Hult International Business School has introduced a new partnership with high-performance coaching and performance psychology organisation Mindflick. The collaboration allows Hult’s full-time…

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How the power of human connections can impact business education


In the dynamic world of business education, where technological advancements often take centre stage, the transformative potential of human connections is frequently overlooked. Despite the prevalence of data analytics and digital platforms, the impact of genuine connections between individuals, especially between teachers and students, is undeniable. These connections have the power to reshape the educational…

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New digital hub for research and thought leadership

RSM Discovery

RSM Discovery, the knowledge hub for thought leadership at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, has been relaunched in a new and expanded format to coincide with the UN’s World Science Day. With the aim to help business and academia to better understand how research can be used to drive stronger performance and success, this…

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Investment and training in AI


Investing in and training for artificial intelligence (AI) is a prominent trend in business and beyond. Recent economic news, particularly from the Future Talent Council’s Global Advisory Board on Curriculum Innovation, highlights companies’ significant investments in developing proprietary generative AI models and extensive training programs. These efforts aim to upskill their workforce, outpacing competitors rapidly.…

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Defining ‘purpose’ in a business context

purpose days

What role does ‘purpose’ play in business? It’s an important topic for business schools. To explore further, POLIMI Graduate School of Management in Milan is leading a number of initiatives, projects, and events related to ‘purpose’, the school’s recent event, ‘Purpose Days,’ was held at their new Navigli Campus last month in partnership with renowned consulting…

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Employers split on the value of online versus in-person degrees


Many business schools offer both virtual and in-person education – but what how do employers view the graduates of each option? A new survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) reveals that 54% of employers consider graduates of online and in-person programmes to be equally valuable. However, the survey also finds that those who…

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When sport and business education come together


Many current and retired athletes decide to pursue higher education, including attending business school to enhance their skills and knowledge in the business world. Business education PR experts Kyle Grizzell and Stephanie Mullins-Wiles from BlueSky Education explore where sports and business education come together.  Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal earned an online MBA from the University…

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Second USFQ Sustainable Business Program in Ecuador

sustainable business

In March 2024, the second edition of the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) Sustainable Business Program in Ecuador will take you on an educational journey like no other, immersing you in the vibrant city of Quito and the pristine Galapagos Islands. This programme, offered by the Universidad San Franciso de Quito’s Graduate Business School,…

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Reimagining the MBA to be more customisable, digital, entrepreneurial and responsible


Business schools have a responsibility to reflect the needs of today and anticipate the needs of tomorrow. Business education PR expert Stephanie Mullins-Wiles from BlueSky Education explores how one business school has just done this by updating its MBA. ESSEC Business School has recently unveiled the redesign of its Global MBA programme. This remodelled programme,…

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