Future-proofing careers in the age of AI

Trinity Business School, AI, Digitalisation

As digital skills prove increasingly important and industries across the board pivot towards a more technologically-intensive future, educators have rallied to prepare students for a changing business environment. We talk to experts about the digitally-focused world from Trinity Business School. Situated in the heart of Dublin, Ireland – a city coined the ‘silicon docks’ courtesy…

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How are business schools prioritising student wellbeing?

student wellbeing

The wellbeing of students has always been important within business school communities. However, today, there is much greater awareness around mental health, and as a result, business schools are improving their services for their students and faculty. Business education PR experts Olivia Nieberg and Stephanie Mullins-Wiles from BlueSky Education explore further.  There are many reasons…

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What vision does Porto Business School’s Dean have?

Porto Business School Dean

José Esteves was appointed the new dean of Portugal’s Porto Business School at the start of 2023. A year on, we explore the motivations of this business school leader and dive into his background, as well as the challenges he’s faced so far. Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your background and your…

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A business education for elite athletes

elite athletes ESSEC business school

Many business students excel thanks to the qualities that their involvement in sport has given them, such as commitment and a competitive spirit, and institutions recognise the importance of educating sportspeople with the knowledge and abilities to succeed outside of sporting careers, too. Now, ESSEC Business School has launched a new multidisciplinary Bachelor’s degree for…

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Investing in a green business school campus

sustainable, green, sustainability

Business school leaders want to ensure that their campuses are more sustainable than ever before, and now the European Investment Bank (EIB) has signed a financing loan worth over £51 million to business school INSEAD for its Europe Campus Reimagination, which seeks to create a more sustainable campus. Sustainable construction and renewable energy, including extracting…

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When business education meets the arts


Can business students have an artistic side? It looks like two institutions are convinced they can. It has been announced that emlyon business school and the Cours Florent are launching a Bachelor of Arts in Acting & Entrepreneurship, allowing future students to develop their artistic and entrepreneurial skills. This Bachelor pairs both institutions to create an innovative program…

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New Masters programme focuses on entrepreneurship in practice


Many business school leaders want to help the next generation of entrepreneurs create sustainable, successful companies, and some institutions are even launching specific programmes to do just this. Take the University of Bradford School of Management in the UK as an example, which has just announced it will launch a new MSc Entrepreneurship in Practice.…

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Business schools in discussions at Davos

World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland

Leading business school faculty look to share their insights, advise others and lead important conversations with decision-makers around the world. One of the opportunities to do this is at Davos in Switzerland, where the World Economic Forum holds its annual meeting.  INSEAD, for instance, will once again partner with InTent to lead crucial conversations at…

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Creating an eProfessor


As business school faculty look to utilise technology for the benefit of students, ESSEC Business School Professor Fabrice Cavarretta has developed a new tool at the intersection of AI and pedagogy: an avatar of himself that can answer student questions.  We spoke with Cavarretta – a professor in Management and Entrepreneurship who teaches mainly the…

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