Business schools look beyond faculty to provide management education

industry experts

More Business schools are harnessing industry experts to teach their students business education — PR specialists Kerry Ruffle and Stephanie Mullins from BlueSky Education explore how.  Durham University Business School has recently announced a number of new appointments to its teaching staff to be in post for the new academic year. These positions were not…

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Further combining business and technology in management education


Business schools are ensuring that technology and business are more often inextricably linked in many different ways. INSEAD has launched their Knowledge App, an expert opinion and management insights portal with the latest business thinking and views from award-winning faculty and global contributors, updated daily. NEOMA Business School proudly offers a whole campus – that’s entirely…

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Fundraising campaigns at business schools

campaign fund raising

A few years ago, The Financial Times published an article that stated European business schools were adopting the US art of big fundraising. Now, Stephanie Mullins takes a closer look at the INSEAD‘s Force for Good Campaign as it concludes.  INSEAD’s largest fundraising campaign to date, the Force for Good campaign, was launched in 2013 and has surpassed…

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How business education can create business citizens

business schools

Yusuf Sidani is the Dean of Suliman S. Olayan School of Business (OSB), part of the American University of Beirut (AUB). He explores some of the challenges business schools have faced in recent years and explains why he thinks business schools should embed ethics and morals throughout the curriculum to produce work-ready graduates: The world…

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A business education for hospitality leaders in ESG

ESG, hospitality

Business schools have long recognised the worth of educating hospitality professionals, with some schools like EHL Hospitality Business School in Switzerland focusing on it entirely. Now, King’s Business School in the UK is launching its own ESG executive education programme for hospitality sector leaders.  King’s Business School and the hospitality sector’s Energy and Environment Alliance (EEA)…

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The crucial role of coaching within business school programs


Business schools are committed to shaping the next generation of leaders – people who can maximise a company’s performance and manage organisation-wide transitions that will lead to more sustainable ways of doing business.  Business school PR experts Stephanie Mullins and Jamie Hose from BlueSky Education explore how a more holistic view of personal and professional development…

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Two business schools, two countries, two degrees

double degree

For applicants struggling to choose between two institutions, courses, or even countries that they’ve always wished to study in, business education PR experts Stephanie Mullins and Kyle Grizzell from BlueSky Education take a look at a selection of double degree programmes out there that may offer the best of both worlds. A double degree programme…

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Cracking the employability code with applied learning


Every business school wants to produce highly employable graduates, could applied learning be the key? Professor Conor Moss is Dean of the College of Business, Technology and Engineering at Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University (SHU). He was appointed Professor of Work-Based Learning at SHU in August 2021 in recognition of his contribution to employability and…

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Sustainability and inclusivity: Trinity Business School’s strategy for the coming years

Trinity Business School

Trinity Business School has seen significant change in recent years. From the development of a new €80M state-of-the-art eco-friendly building to securing ‘triple accreditation’ status’, the institution has a new strategy, ‘Transforming Business for Good’, and a new Dean in Professor Laurent Muzellec. Here, Muzellec shares his story, his vision and his new role as Dean…

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