What are the perceptions of business schools worldwide concerning the future of the Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) Market?

doctorate in business administration survey

What are the perceptions of business schools worldwide concerning the future of the Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) Market? This is the subject of the online survey launched on March 21 by EFMD in partnership with the Executive DBA Council (EDBAC) and Le Sphinx Software Solutions. It is also a highly relevant question because, from…

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BSIS: A decade of Impact

BSIS A decade of impact

Learn more about the new book edited by Michel Kalika, “BSIS: A decade of Impact”, which is available now.  Business School Impact System (BSIS), initially created ten years ago in France by FNEGE and then developed internationally by EFMD, aims to communicate to a business school’s stakeholders the real impact of the academic institution. This,…

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BSIS Virtual Symposium Conclusions

BSIS impact and rankings

Michel Kalika, Director, BSIS, shares conclusions of the recent Business School Impact System (BSIS) Virtual Symposium The 2021 BSIS Symposium was organised through eight sessions that covered all the topics that business schools face today. During the last two weeks of April, 25 experts participated in the sessions and shared their experience on the impact…

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BSIS Impact Series


How are you demonstrating your school’s impact to your stakeholders, regional & national authorities, students and strategic partners? How do you collect data and identify the tangible and intangible benefits you bring to your region? Last but not least, how can you create a sense of pride and keep staff proud of their mission while…

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How business schools maintain impact during the pandemic

How are business schools managing their impact during the Covid-19 pandemic? We invite all deans to take part in the survey and learn more! The comprehensive Business School Impact System (BSIS) assesses an institution’s impact based on seven dimensions and helps institutions set new strategies and communicate clearly with their stakeholders. The current situation, however,…

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BSIS Virtual Symposium: Online Impact Series

As we’re all adapting to the new situation to the best of our abilities, EFMD and the BSIS team are working hard to ensure that all our members can continue their learning journey. That is why we decided to transform the BSIS Symposium into a virtual event and offer a series of ten interactive meetings,…

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The Impact of Business Schools: Increasing the Range of Strategic Choices

CHRISTOPHE LEJEUNE, ESTA School of Business and Technology KEN STARKEY, Nottingham University Business School Jubilee Campus MICHEL KALIKA, Iaelyon School of Management & Business Science Institute SUE TEMPEST, Nottingham University Business School Jubilee Campus Based on the original article available here in pdf and featured in Management international and other research outlets. The notion of impact is becoming…

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