The responsibility turn: building responsible doctoral programmes for a responsible future

responsible doctoral education

Eva Cools, DBA Manager & Research Manager of Vlerick Business School and co-chair of the 2021 EFMD Doctoral Programmes Conference (DPC), shares her reflections from the conference. Recently I had the honour to co-chair the 2021 EFMD Doctoral Programmes Conference (DPC), together with Christine Unterhitzenberger from the University of Leeds. Although we already chose the…

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Check your privilege to keep your privilege in check

Smaranda Boroş, Professor of Cross-Cultural Management, at Vlerick Business School, Belgium, reflects on the current situation. I am an absolute loner. I admit that most of the time I am enjoying this reclusive period in my life. But as more and more time passes in solitary confinement, I understand better and better why prison is…

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