JKU Business School achieves EFMD Programme Accreditation

JKU Programme Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that the Master of Science in Management (MSc) programme at JKU Business School, Johannes Kepler University Linz, has achieved EFMD Programme Accreditation, marking a notable milestone as the first institution in Austria to earn this recognition.

We would like to extend our congratulations to the School and a warm welcome to the EFMD Programme Accreditation Community!

Barbara Sporn, EFMD Programme Accreditation Director, commented:

“We are delighted to welcome JKU Business School as our first Austrian institution into the EFMD Programme Accreditation community. Their MSc in Management programme exemplifies excellence in digitalisation, practical learning, and personalised teaching, ensuring students receive outstanding educational experiences. We look forward to the transformative effect their programme accreditation will have on the School’s strategic growth, its community, and the wider academic sphere.”

JKU Business School, Johannes Kepler University Linz

Johannes Kepler University (JKU), established in Austria in 1966, is a public institution known for its strong emphasis on research and education in science, technology, business, and law. Located in Linz, JKU offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programmes across its faculties, fostering interdisciplinary approaches and innovation.

The JKU Business School has established six strategic priorities to enhance its vision and focus areas, including fostering interdisciplinary research collaboration with regional and international partners, developing competitive educational programmes aligned with its vision, promoting internationalisation and mobility, achieving a balanced portfolio of research, teaching, and knowledge transfer, supporting high-quality executive education tailored to local and regional needs, and enhancing effective internal and external communication for increased visibility.

Master of Science in Management (MSc)

The Master of Science in Management at Johannes Kepler University is a two-year 120 ECTS Bologna pre-experience Master’s programme, which is taught fully in English, targeting both Austrian and international students. The objective of the MSc is to develop potential international managers through a robust academic design, international orientation, and strong connections to the corporate world.

The programme aims at developing students into professional and responsible members of society who possess intercultural awareness. The MSc has a high reputation with employers, with nearly 90% of students fully employed within six months of completing the degree.

Pioneering practical learning

The Peer Review Team noted that the MSc in Management degree at JKU Business School is highly regarded for its focus on digitalisation and practical experience, especially through the compulsory “Interdisciplinary Business Project” (IBP), where students tackle real business problems, applying their skills to develop practical solutions.

Additionally, the IBP course is an innovative educational model built on three pillars: interdisciplinary skill development through collaboration among various school institutes, practical problem-solving for partner companies, and the integration of theory and practice facilitated by supervision from both company and university mentors. This course’s exceptional quality was acknowledged in 2021 when the IBP teaching team received the “Kepler Award for Teaching Innovation” from JKU.

The MSc programme supports personal development with individualised teaching and feedback and excels in connecting students to the practical world, integrating learning opportunities, and incorporating practitioner input. The team recognised that faculty members are deeply connected to the professional world, serving as board members and participating in collaborative projects, which enhances their teaching and research.

Prof Michael Tumpel, JKU Business School Dean, commented:

“The accreditation is an important milestone for the JKU Business School, reaffirming our efforts and commitment to providing exceptional education in business at an internationally comparable standard. Earning EFMD Programme Accreditation is a testament that we provide students with an outstanding education, successfully preparing them to enter the global job market.”

During the same Accreditation Board meeting, the following institutions were also granted EFMD Programme Re-accreditation:

About EFMD Programme Accreditation

EFMD Programme Accreditation (EFMD Accredited) is a globally recognised quality assurance process that evaluates and benchmarks business and management education programmes. This accreditation signifies a commitment to excellence in curriculum design, teaching methods, student assessment, and quality assurance processes.

It provides institutions with a comprehensive external validation of their programmes, fostering continuous improvement and adherence to international standards. Programmes undergoing the process benefit from enhanced visibility and competitiveness in the global education landscape.

The accreditation system serves as a hallmark of academic quality, attesting to an institution’s dedication to delivering impactful and innovative business education, thereby attracting top talent and facilitating meaningful partnerships with industry stakeholders.

EFMD Accredited emphasises academic rigour, practical relevance, internationalisation, ethics and sustainability. EFMD Programme Accreditation helps schools strive for excellence in an ongoing improvement process following each accreditation or re-accreditation visit.

Discover the latest guidelines for EFMD Programme Accreditation.

Currently, there are 145 EFMD Accredited programmes from 114 institutions in 42 countries.

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