EDHEC announces Generations 2050 strategic plan


French business school commits 270€ million to positively transform business education, business activities, and society in an era marked by major tech and climate transitions.

EDHEC Business School has announced a new strategic plan – Generations 2050 – that places net positive business, climate finance, and student empowerment at the heart of campus activities. Backed by 270M€ in investments, the plan represents EDHEC’s commitment to transforming business to reduce carbon emissions, protect biodiversity, and create a healthy future for all.

EDHEC Dean Emmanuel Métais announced the new plan at a press conference on the school’s Paris campus earlier this month. The plan focuses on the next four years and will tackle significant environmental and social challenges leading up to 2050, a crucial milestone for the planet and humanity.

“Reinventing business models for the common good and championing sustainable finance will define our legacy for future generations,” said Emmanuel Métais, Dean of EDHEC Business School. “This new strategic plan, which represents a revolutionary new take on our school’s strategy, is dedicated to accelerating these transformations through impact-driven research, excellence in education, and the commitment of tens of thousands of EDHEC alumni around the globe.”

The Generations 2050 plan consists of three axes: championing net positive business, empowering students to transform, and accelerating climate finance. To realise these goals, EDHEC will invest significantly in its faculty, academic programs, and research centres. In the next four years, the school will recruit 100 professors and researchers (for a total of 270) and invest 112M€ in campus renovations and expansions in Lille and Nice. 

EDHEC and its community of students and alumni are committed to the Generations 2050 strategic plan, which calls for:

  • Launching a Centre for Net Positive Business and expanding sustainable entrepreneurship activities in and outside the classroom. These activities represent investments worth 21M€.
  • Empowering students with an education that encourages critical thinking and collaboration. As part of this initiative, EDHEC will create “Transformative Journey” courses to teach students how to lead economic, social, and environmental change to create a better world for future generations.
  • Accelerating climate finance by championing green finance across all educational programs and leveraging the expertise of the EDHEC-Risk Climate Impact Institute (ERCII). These activities represent investments worth 41M€.
  • Offering an exceptional educational experience for all students, from bachelor to executive, with updates to EDHEC’s campuses (worth 112M€) and significant investments (worth 20M€) in AI initiatives across the school.

To learn more about EDHEC’s new strategic plan, please visit the school’s website

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