Sharing best practice: Insights from Mercedes-Benz Group

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At the recent EFMD Sharing Best Practice workshop, in partnership with Mercedes-Benz Group, Pirkko Erichsen, Head of Talent and Leadership Development Programs, Patrick Emmerich, Head of Leadership Programs L3-L4 & Global Leadership Nexus and Stephanie Leipold, Head of Skill-Management and Learning, provided a deep insight into their talent and organisation development practices.

EFMD’s Martin Moehrle kicked the workshop off by differentiating between three stages of value creation for learning and development (L&D) functions. Firstly, the service excellence stage, secondly, the strategy enablement stage and thirdly, the transformational agency stage. Each stage builds on the previous one and at all three, very specific skills are required. To accelerate corporate transformation, L&D must excel at all three levels.

As the automotive industry undergoes a transformational change driven by decarbonisation and digitalisation, Mercedes-Benz recognises the importance of developing its people and culture to effectively cope with the new realities. With its long-standing reputation for design, innovation, and quality, it has been at the forefront of shaping the industry since its inception in 1886,  impressively demonstrated by an introductory video.

The Mercedes-Benz Group promotes an inclusive approach to lifelong learning and a culture of collaboration and growth. As part of the ‘Turn2Learn’ qualification initiative started in 2022, the corporation plans to invest over 2 billion euros in the qualification of its employees by 2030, with 1.3 billion euros being allocated to Germany alone. Different innovative learning formats are available – e.g. digital learning journeys at scale are open to all employees, with short learning nuggets distributed over a couple of days.

Leadership in times of transformation, according to Pirkko Erichsen, requires different skills – like driving on ice vs a solid street. Mercedes-Benz aims at developing transformational leaders. Its approach follows thereby the way leaders learn today, amongst others, through crisp impulses, including short expert inputs followed by discussion and networking in breakout rooms. Getting ready for the AI era is for sure also a current focus area of learning and leadership development at Mercedes-Benz.

The workshop concluded with participants discussing its approach to learning at scale to fuel workforce transformation.

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