Can institutions engage with DeepTech? One business school launches a new studio to do exactly that

Momentum Studio

ESSEC Business School has launched Momentum Studio, the first “DeepTech for Good” Talent Studio created by a French business school. Momentum Studio aims to connect the worlds of research and entrepreneurship to develop business projects and startups that address social and environmental challenges using DeepTech.

This interdisciplinary initiative was developed in collaboration with several major players in the research, technology transfer and academic spheres, namely CY Cergy Paris Université, CNRS, CEREMA and SATT Erganeo. Momentum Studio will focus on Climate Tech, the sustainable economy and e-health. Momentum Studio has already incubated 10 start-ups since its launch a year ago.

Momentum Studio plays a crucial role in reducing the risk involved with the three critical phases of DeepTech startup growth: developing an idea, building a team, and getting access to a market.

The studio will support researchers and DeepTech entrepreneurs on topics like:

● Identifying and creating use cases that have strong potential for key market segments

● Identifying entrepreneurial talents who will join the team as co-founders, C-suite executives, or advisors

● Defining and deploying a business strategy that allows applications to effectively reach their target market

With Momentum Studio, ESSEC commits to playing a major role in France’s reindustrialisation by strengthening the potential of DeepTech startups with a positive impact. France is committed to supporting startups, with the DeepTech Plan of Emmanuel Macron’s 2030 Investment Plan aiming to launch 500 DeepTech startups per year by 2030. This plan mobilises the entirety of the French innovation ecosystem, from universities and incubators to investors and startups.

“We believe that entrepreneurs have a major role to play alongside researchers. Only interdisciplinary teams will be able to launch ambitious companies that help our planet. With our roots in the academic world, we have an avant-garde vision of emerging technologies and entrepreneurial practices. We’ve chosen the name “Momentum Studio” because we aim to drive the momentum of the different stages of launching a DeepTech startup,” says Sarah Nokry, director of Momentum Studio.

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