Revised EQUIS research standard empowers schools to showcase research diversity


The revised EQUIS research standard gives broad recognition to a wide range of research types, from academic to practice-oriented. It requires schools to establish a clear research strategy aligned with their objectives and implement robust support systems for faculty. The reformulated research reporting framework allows schools to improve data collection and self-representation regarding practice-oriented research.…

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Highlights from the 2024 EFMD Annual Conference: Geopolitics, AI, and a human-centric vision

business schools

On June 9-11, more than 600 professionals from the EFMD community gathered in historic Bologna, Italy, for the 2024 EFMD Annual Conference hosted by Bologna Business School, which is part of the venerable University of Bologna, the oldest higher education institution in Europe, established in 1088. This year’s event, with the timely theme, “Navigating geopolitical…

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Celebrating the growth of our community

Celebrating the growth of our community - New members June 2024

We are thrilled to share the outcome of the latest EFMD Membership Review Committee, which has approved the addition of 22 institutions to our membership community. We welcome one new corporate member, 19 academic institutions and two new reciprocal members. Our expansion welcomes new members from Cameroon and Bangladesh. The ratification of the new members…

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Business schools prepare to meet the next generation of leaders’ tech needs

Business schools, Technology, Leadership

What are institutions doing to meet the tech needs of future leaders? Business education PR experts Stephanie Mullins-Wiles and Jamie Hose from BlueSky Education find out more. Over half of business owners use artificial intelligence for customer service, cybersecurity, and fraud management, according to a Forbes Advisor survey. Inventory management, content production, and product recommendations…

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EFMD launches Indian Business Council (EIBC) to drive strategic growth and engagement


We are pleased to announce the establishment of the EFMD Indian Business Council (EIBC), underscoring our commitment to fostering inclusive decision-making, promoting local engagement, and achieving sustainable growth and impact in India. EFMD Global recognises the importance of local expertise and insight in guiding our operations and future strategies, especially in the context of India’s…

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DOBA Faculty of Applied Business and Social Studies Maribor obtains EOCCS re-certification

DOBA EOCCS online course

We are delighted to announce that the Research Methodology, Communication and Lobbying, and Creative Human Resource Management for Competitive Advantages courses offered by DOBA Faculty of Applied Business and Social Studies Maribor have been awarded EOCCS re-certification.  Acknowledging the institution’s achievement, Keith Pond, EOCCS Director, commented: “DOBA Faculty of Applied Business and Social Studies Maribor’s…

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Can institutions engage with DeepTech? One business school launches a new studio to do exactly that

Momentum Studio

ESSEC Business School has launched Momentum Studio, the first “DeepTech for Good” Talent Studio created by a French business school. Momentum Studio aims to connect the worlds of research and entrepreneurship to develop business projects and startups that address social and environmental challenges using DeepTech. This interdisciplinary initiative was developed in collaboration with several major…

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Sharing best practice: Insights from Mercedes-Benz Group

Sbp mercedes benz

At the recent EFMD Sharing Best Practice workshop, in partnership with Mercedes-Benz Group, Pirkko Erichsen, Head of Talent and Leadership Development Programs, Patrick Emmerich, Head of Leadership Programs L3-L4 & Global Leadership Nexus and Stephanie Leipold, Head of Skill-Management and Learning, provided a deep insight into their talent and organisation development practices. EFMD’s Martin Moehrle…

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