Empowering Educators: A journey into future-focused digital pedagogy

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Embarking on a journey into the future of education, our programme, “Future-Focused Education,” is not just a course—it’s an interactive experience designed to transform the way educators approach teaching in the digital age.

Tailored for all faculty members, regardless of their prior digital teaching experience, and specifically designed for a collaborative group of faculty from the same institution, the programme, “Future-Focused Education,” promises not only to revolutionise teaching practices but to engage participants in an interactive exploration of the digital education landscape.

Module 1: Navigating the digital education landscape

Imagine a space where educators come together to share and explore the ever-evolving trends in educational technology (EdTech). In the first module, participants engage in discussions and collaborative activities to gain insights into the current and emerging digital education landscape. This interactive approach allows educators to anticipate and leverage technological advancements, fostering a community of forward-thinking peers.

Module 2: Crafting Dynamic Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes are not just statements—they are the foundation of an engaging learning experience. Through interactive workshops, participants delve into Bloom’s digital taxonomy, collaboratively constructing clear and effective learning outcomes. Peer feedback and discussions enrich this process, ensuring that educators not only learn but actively contribute to the collective knowledge of the cohort.

Module 3: Designing Tomorrow’s Curriculum

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into the heart of education design. This module is not about theory; it’s about hands-on, practical exercises. Participants work on developing future-centric curriculum plans and applying key learning design principles. The interactive nature of this module ensures that educators leave not just with knowledge but with tangible tools to transform their courses.

Revitalising teaching practices

Transformation requires action. In this programme, educators explore and experiment with a diverse array of digital tools and methods. Through live demos, case studies, and group activities, participants actively enhance their traditional teaching practices. The goal is not just to adapt but to reimagine teaching in a way that captivates and inspires students.

Tailoring learning to individuals

Every student is unique, and our programme recognises that. Through interactive simulations and case studies, participants learn to design digitally enhanced learning activities that cater to the diverse needs and learning styles of their students. This programme brings theory to life, allowing educators to see the impact of personalised learning on student engagement.

Mastering insendi – A platform for immersive learning

Experience is the best teacher. Participants not only learn about insendi, our bespoke learning platform but actively use it to facilitate immersive and collaborative online learning experiences. Guided by interactive tutorials and real-time support, educators become adept at utilising this platform to create vibrant virtual classrooms.

Target audience and teaching approach

This interactive programme is designed for faculty members from the same institution seeking to enhance their teaching through engaging digital elements, with no prior experience required. The flexible, self-paced nature of the programme accommodates busy schedules, while the interactive elements, including live webinars, peer discussions, and collaborative projects, ensure that learning goes beyond the screen and becomes a dynamic, shared experience.

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“Future-Focused Education” goes beyond the traditional boundaries of teaching, offering a comprehensive journey into the realm of digital pedagogy. By empowering educators with the tools to navigate the future of education, this programme ensures that faculty members are well-equipped to shape the next generation of learners in an increasingly digital world.

FFE digital

For a full overview and more detailed information on the “Future-Focused Education” programme, please visit the showcase page in our activities portfolio or contact Marketa Dvorackova.

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