Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Business School Online Course Obtains EOCCS Certification

EOCCS certification - Heriot–Watt University, Edinburgh Business School

We are delighted to announce that the “People, Work, and Organisations” course offered by Heriot–Watt University, Edinburgh Business School, UK, has been awarded EOCCS certification. Congratulations to the institution, and welcome to the EOCCS community!

Acknowledging the institutions’ achievement, Keith Pond, EOCCS Director, commented, ‘We are thrilled to witness the continued growth of the EOCCS community, now welcoming Heriot–Watt University, Edinburgh Business School. Their EOCCS certification commends the course’s accessibility, flexibility, and adept use of technology. We also extend our warm congratulations for the re-certifications in Spain and Peru. This achievement underscores their strive for excellence in online education.’

People Work and Organisations, Heriot–Watt University, Edinburgh Business School

Established in 1997 by the University Court, Edinburgh Business School (EBS) stands as a distinguished institution dedicated to delivering top-tier distance learning postgraduate business education. As an integral part of Heriot-Watt University (HWU), EBS operates under a unified brand, offering both undergraduate and postgraduate business education.

With campuses spanning across Dubai, Malaysia, and its native Edinburgh, EBS boasts a rich legacy of providing inclusive and experiential learning opportunities. Guided by its mission to spearhead globally accessible and practice-oriented business education and research, EBS leverages over three decades of expertise in distance learning to curate a diverse portfolio of career-focused online programs.

EBS caters to a diverse student body, with over 6000 online learners. Among its flagship offerings is the online Master of Business Administration (MBA), within which the certified course “People, Work, and Organisations” holds a prominent position. This course is designed to cater to three distinct target groups: career starters, changers, and enhancers.

The EOCCS certification stands as a testament to the course’s comprehensive accessibility, flexible enrollment options, and adept use of technology in the context of a robust institutional strategy in online learning, visible in EBS’s well-established processes, extensive capacity, and expertise in the online learning domain.

‘We are delighted to have received EOCCS certification for one of our core MBA modules, People, Work and Organisations. Our online offering is core to delivering Edinburgh Business School’s mission of providing practice-oriented, accessible business education and it is encouraging to receive peer recognition of the quality of our online course and the systems that support it. Undertaking the EOCCS process has been invaluable in confirming what we do well and identifying how we can continually enhance our student’s learning experience’, said Linda Buchan, Director of Accreditations at Heriot-Watt University.

During the same accreditation board, the following institutions were also granted EOCCS certification and re-certification for their courses:

EOCCS certification:

Vianovum Ltd., UK

  • DigitalHack
  • Skills Accelerator

EOCCS re-certification:

OBS Business School, Spain

  • Leadership and change management
  • Creative thinking and design thinking
  • Creating new business models
  • Innovation in processes
  • Product management and Growth hacking

Instituto Superior San Ignacio de Loyola, Peru

  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Branding and Product Management
  • E-commerce and Mobile Marketing
  • Relational Marketing and CRM
  • Trade Marketing and Category Management

About EFMD Online Course Certification System (EOCCS)

EOCCS provides an international quality benchmark in diverse education landscapes whereby digital technology is applied to teaching and learning. EOCCS gives online courses within universities, business schools, corporate learning organisations and public agencies a top international quality benchmark in the online learning landscape, strengthening not only their market positioning but also allowing for critical self-reflection and peer assessment.

With 61 certified courses from 20 institutions in 11 countries, EOCCS presents an international quality benchmark for online courses worldwide. The certification system is firmly embedded in the general philosophy of EFMD accreditations: internationalisation, practical relevance, and quality improvement.

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