Sharing Best Practice: Insights from Siemens Global Learning & Growth

Siemens Learning and Growth SBP workshop Sharing Best Practice

The recent EFMD Sharing Best Practice workshop retraced the transformation journey of Siemens Global Learning & Growth (GLG) from a learning provider to a learning enabler.

At its recent Sharing Best Practice workshop, EFMD convened a large community of L&D professionals to learn about Siemens’ massive learning transformation.

For over a century, Siemens has been at the forefront of innovation and consistently pushed boundaries, reimagining what is possible. The latest push is bringing the digital and the real world together, thinking in ecosystems.

Creating a Learning and Growth ecosystem has been at the core of Siemens’ transformation from learning provider to learning enabler. Today, its learning ecosystem has more than 230.000 unique users and comprises more than 170.000 learning resources. Eleven external content libraries and more than 400 active curators from within Siemens contribute to this ecosystem.

To make this a one-stop shop, the platform contains an integrated roles and skills management tool as well as a My Growth Hub that includes coaching services. All of this is accompanied by data insight tools that allow to monitor and steer learning activities. Engaging with this learning ecosystem through at least 25 digital learning hours per employee by 2025 is a major KPI in Siemens’s sustainability framework.

Transparency, personalisation and AI

Dagmar Riehle, Head of Ecosystem Governance explained how deep the transformation was, also from a personal point of view. She transitioned from managing a very large team and budget to a small team orchestrating the new ecosystem. GLG’s staff size was more than halved, as was the direct cost. All in person events and the entire vendor management and operations got outsourced.

The numerous learning teams embedded in the business that also provide customer training and who have co-existed with GLG for long were successfully invited to join the ecosystem. The transparency of learning activities, skills and career aspirations across the enterprise has significantly increased. However, there was no blueprint or existing best practice on how to govern a learning ecosystem. It took a lot of courage and confidence to venture into this new territory.

Jana Koepf, Global Learning & Growth Ecosystem Orchestrator provided a live demonstration of Siemens’ My Learning portal and how it looks like from a learner perspective. There are multiple ways of personalising the user experience, increasingly supported by AI, to make it a seamless one-stop shop for all things learning and growth. The backend, however, is a very complicated combination of systems and tools.

The many questions of participants and the very positive feedback proved the trailblazer role of Siemens GLG in aligning learning with work, in combining formal and informal learning, in integrating learning with career growth and in exploring the future of learning as a human-centred and data-driven function.

Highlights and materials from this workshop are available in the Corporate Digital Library.

EFMD company members can request free access to this library if they have not yet done so. Guests from other companies can ask for temporary access by contacting Natalie Altincizme.

Save the date! Our next Sharing Best Practice Workshop for corporate members and invited guests will take place on 7 June 2024, in partnership with Mercedes-Benz. 

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