Celebrating impact and sharing best practice

Manchester Metropolitan Business School BSIS celebration

Niall Cronin, Professor Jennie Shorley, Professor Liz Warren and Professor Hannah Holmes from the Manchester Metropolitan University’s Business School (MMUBS) reflect on the achievements in 2023.

One of the highlights has certainly been evaluating and celebrating their impact through the Business School Impact System (BSIS), which is a testament to the pride they have for their teaching and research and contribution to the economy and society.

Coming into the new year has given us at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Business School (MMUBS) the opportunity to reflect on our achievements in 2023, and to look ahead to the rest of the academic year and beyond. One notable highlight of our year has certainly been evaluating our impact through our successful BSIS reassessment, which is a testament to the pride we have in our teaching and research and our contribution to the economy and society.

We have embraced evaluating impact in everything that we do, viewing it not just as a consequence of our excellent education and research but as something which helps drive our activity to deliver benefits to many. In September 2023, we celebrated our BSIS achievement by showcasing our impact at an event held on campus.

Celebrating tangible impact

We invited a range of key stakeholders, including representatives from the Chartered Association of Business Schools, GBSN, BSIS, executive members of other Business Schools, and regional leaders from the industry to hear from our academic and professional teams on how our work has made a tangible, valuable difference to businesses, communities, and lives.

More information on some of the impactful work we demonstrated can be found at the links below:

The showcase was an opportunity to celebrate our impactful work but also to accelerate this through the connections in the room. We developed some important internal relationships from this event, specifically bringing together our ground-breaking social enterprise support and our small firm growth work.

This combination, newly connected, will enable us to use our research strengths to support more organisations to thrive. Externally, a key impact has been our representation, in 2024, on a national body that liaises with the government to support small firms and influence enterprise policy after this organisation saw first-hand the key impacts that we create with businesses.

Manchester Metropolitan Business School BSIS celebration networking

Debra Leighton, BSIS Senior Advisor, joined the showcase and commented that “The BSIS Impact Showcase was a great opportunity for Manchester Metropolitan University’s Business School to demonstrate its incredible impact on the world around it, on the region, on the communities it serves and the lives it touches both in the UK and across the world.

The school has generously shared its impact journey and forged valuable connections with the other 75 schools in the BSIS network and is actively engaged in advancing the impact agenda”.

As an institution rooted in its place in Greater Manchester and approaching its 200th year anniversary in 2024, the strengths of our Business School are intertwined with the strengths of our region.

Unlocking global exposure

Subsequently, we have an intimate relationship with our business community and are able to see the benefits of our partnerships, research and knowledge exchange activity first-hand. Yet, we aspire to ensure that more organisations, nationally and internationally, have access to the impactful work we can deliver, and the global exposure that BSIS brings our school will be critical to achieving this.

In participating in the BSIS process, we have found that the value of being globally recognised for the impact we have on society is paralleled only by the vast benefits which come from being accepted into an international community of like-minded Business Schools with a shared vision. We have been astounded by the welcoming, supportive, and collaborative community we have become as a part of BSIS.

For those institutions which are yet to engage with the BSIS process, be assured that there is a wealth of experience and support available from other BSIS-labelled Business Schools – Manchester Metropolitan’s included. We would not hesitate to share guidance and experience on engaging with the process and making the most of the benefits it brings. Get in touch!

Looking ahead to 2024, we are excited to be able to reflect on our strategy for growth within the framework of being an institution recognised for the impact it delivers to society and plan to ensure it remains at the heart of our mission to deliver.

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