ESCA and BS4CL: Shaping leadership in the African business education environment

At the heart of Africa’s vibrant academic landscape, the primary focus of ESCA Ecole de Management is on sustainability and responsible management education. Embedded within its curriculum and research activities is a commitment to addressing the pressing global challenge of climate change.

This commitment is highlighted through ESCA’s role in the Business Schools for Climate Leadership Africa (BS4CL Africa), an initiative that unites six leading academic institutions in a collective quest to advance sustainable development and climate resilience across the continent.

A hallmark of ESCA’s sustainability endeavours is the Casablanca Climate Leadership Forum (CCLF). This annual gathering of thought leaders, policymakers, industry experts, and academics focuses on sustainable business practices and climate strategies, underscoring a pivotal shift towards embedding sustainability in business education.

Preceding the CCLF, the Students’ COP sets the stage, engaging the brightest minds from various universities in a collaborative dialogue on innovative solutions to environmental challenges. The event not only amplifies the voice of the youth in the sustainability conversation but also underscores the critical role of education in shaping future leaders equipped to navigate the complexities of climate change.

Fostering partnerships in sustainability

Central to the success of these initiatives is the strategic framework provided by ESCA’s research strategy, which emphasises transdisciplinarity, innovation, and impact. Through partnerships, collaborative projects, and a commitment to producing relevant, actionable knowledge, ESCA strives for an ecosystem where academic rigour meets practical solutions to societal challenges.

BS4CL Africa, supported by ESCA’s active engagement and joined by other institutions like The American University in Cairo, Gordon Institute of Business Science, Stellenbosch Business School, Lagos Business School, and Strathmore University School of Business, is at the forefront of integrating sustainability into business education across Africa.

Through initiatives like the CCLF, BS4CL Africa is poised to foster significant advancements in sustainable business practices, education, and leadership, contributing to a more resilient and sustainable future for the continent and beyond.

For information on the upcoming Casablanca Climate Leadership Forum (CCLF) 2024, set to take place on 24-25 October, please visit ESCA Ecole de Management.

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