When business education meets the arts


Can business students have an artistic side? It looks like two institutions are convinced they can.

It has been announced that emlyon business school and the Cours Florent are launching a Bachelor of Arts in Acting & Entrepreneurship, allowing future students to develop their artistic and entrepreneurial skills. This Bachelor pairs both institutions to create an innovative program in English, not only providing internationally renowned theatre training but also the development of managerial competences.    

Open to French students with a Baccalauréat or to international students (with a degree equivalent to the French Baccalauréat), the new Bachelor will start in September 2024. It will take place in Paris, on the Parisian campus of emlyon business school and on that of the Cours Florent.

This Bachelor is born from a conviction that the development of entrepreneurial and managerial knowledge will allow artistic profiles to widen their sphere of possibilities – opting for an acting career, finding their own place in a rich and varied ecosystem, such as in production or broadcasting – it will actually provide students with methods, tools and postures to take artistic projects all over the world, whilst being pro-active in their own career.  

The Bachelor of Arts in Acting & Entrepreneurship aims to: 

  • Give future artist-entrepreneurs a fine understanding of the rules of the game of the entertainment industry and its economic reality
  • Allow students to promote their artistic projects in an entrepreneurial perspective
  • Provide experience-based teachings via: 
    • Artistic projects led in an entrepreneurial dynamic: from its origins to a pitch in front of stakeholders
    • Experience-sharing through conferences and debates, workshops, meet-ups with professionals from the artistic worlds of theatre, audiovisuals, etc., and entrepreneurs
    • Development of soft skills common to actors and entrepreneurs (stress management, cross-cultural communication, collaborative approach, etc.)
  • Support students with their professional projects with coaching and pitching workshops, preparations of demo tapes, etc. 
  • Open them to digital technologies and to their transformation potential in both their entrepreneurial approach and their artistic performance

It will be a three-year hybrid programme taught in English.

Isabelle Huault, Executive President and Dean of emlyon business school, says: “I am very much looking forward to this new Bachelor of Arts in Acting & Entrepreneurship, which revolves around artistic creativity and entrepreneurial competencies. Hybridisation is at the heart of the strategy of emlyon business school – and this program beautifully illustrates it.”

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