La Poste Group’s École de la Banque et du Réseau, France, earns LIFT certification


France’s La Poste Group’s École de la Banque et du Réseau (EBR) becomes the third organisation to successfully complete EFMD’s Learning Impact For Today and Tomorrow (LIFT) Certification during its 2023 pilot year.

The LIFT certification was created using inputs from over 30 organisations, including CLIP-accredited learning functions and EQUIS-accredited business schools.  2023 was its pilot year leading up to its launch in the first quarter of this year.

“The EBR has demonstrated that by taking the approach of mirroring the business priorities and focusing on the learner experience, they can have a true impact,” said Steven Smith, Senior Advisor Corporate Services and LIFT Lead, EFMD Global. “They do this through ensuring their learning solutions are understood by the business, learner-centric, state of the art and impactful for the 67.000 people they serve. In 2022, they received an impressive learner satisfaction rate of 91% for their synchronous solutions.”

La Poste Group is a mission-driven company that ensures universal postal service, press distribution and banking accessibility throughout France.  The role of its École de la Banque et du Réseau (EBR) is to develop the Group’s consumer and digital banking members with skills for current and new professions within the Group.

“As the leader of the École de la Banque et du Réseau, it was essential for me to ensure that our school be recognised as a true business partner for La Poste Group’s businesses,” said Nathalie Calvet, Director École de la Banque et du Réseau. “The LIFT certification was an opportunity for us to be acknowledged by the EFMD for our commitment to generate impact to the business and our learners as well as our engagement in continuous improvement.”

About LIFT

EFMD’s LIFT (Learning Impact for Today and Tomorrow) certification addresses the pervasive gap between what learning functions measure and the impact desired by business executives and learners. Developed in 2022 through a design thinking approach and collaborative input from over 30 organisations, including CLIP-accredited learning functions and EQUIS-accredited business schools, LIFT is a corporate learning certification that evaluates learning impact.

This framework allows learning functions to engage stakeholders, analyse impact, and align practices with industry best standards, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. LIFT provides an externally recognised certification, enabling organisations to receive validation, insights for improvement, and a holistic perspective on their impact approach.

The six-step certification process includes application, self-assessment, virtual peer review, a Learning Impact Dashboard and Report, wrap-up discussion, and the official announcement of the LIFT Certification, valid for three years.

To learn more about LIFT, please see our website or contact Steven Smith or Shanshan Ge.

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