Jusoor’s ‘Startup Business’ course obtains EOCCS certification

Jusoor EOCCS

We are pleased to announce that the Startup Business course offered by Jusoor has been awarded EOCCS certification. Congratulations to the organisation, and welcome to the EOCCS community!

Acknowledging the institutions, Keith Pond, EOCCS Director, commented, ‘Warm congratulations to Jusoor for obtaining EOCCS certification! The course’s societal impact, practical focus, dedicated team, and robust ecosystem are commendable, embodying the spirit of positive change and empowerment. We look forward to seeing Jusoor’s positive impact and invaluable support for the next generation of business leaders.’

Startup Business Course, Jusoor

Jusoor, meaning ‘bridges’ in Arabic, is an international non-governmental organisation founded in 2011. It embodies a noble mission dedicated to empowering Syrian youth through education and career development. Jusoor has spearheaded a range of initiatives that have left an indelible positive impact, attracting thousands of children and entrepreneurs to its educational centres.

The recently EOCCS-certified Startup Business course is a vital part of Jusoor’s Entrepreneurship Programme. Tailored to the Syrian diaspora, the programme aims to combat the lack of access to proper business support, legal obstacles, and the difficulties of accessing funding faced by Syrian entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The Startup Business course represents the second phase of the programme – the incubator – which connects participants with experts and new ideas, empowering them to pursue enterprises which have a social and environmental good. The course has garnered praise from the EOCCS team for its societal impact, practical orientation, dedicated team, and a robust ecosystem that supports students through networking, expert guidance, and extracurricular activities.

‘As a non-governmental organisation dedicated to delivering top-notch entrepreneurship education, we take pride in our collaboration with EOCCS and being the first organisation of its kind with an incubation programme to pursue this kind of accreditation. The accreditation from EOCCS empowers us to offer incubation programmes while upholding the highest standards of quality and excellence. This highlights our commitment to delivering online incubation programs of global quality standards, specifically tailored for entrepreneurs in the MENA region, ‘commented Ziena Abu-Dalbouh, Head of Entrepreneurship, Jusoor.

During the same accreditation board, the following institutions were also granted EOCCS re-certification for their courses:

Universidad de La Sabana, Colombia

  • Marketing Management
  • E-commerce and Internet Marketing
  • Marketing Foundations
  • International Marketing
  • Global Fashion Marketing

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