Business Studies in Europe: Where do students rate their programmes highest?

European business school student satisfaction

When choosing the right university for Business and Management studies in Europe, the options are vast. However, EDUopinions has simplified the process of making informed decisions by offering a comprehensive overview of student satisfaction across five major European countries.

Fortunately, the EDUopinions informational graph, fuelled by thousands of verified student reviews, offers a comprehensive view of student satisfaction across five key European countries: the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. This data, taken from thousands of verified student reviews, sheds light on overall programme ratings, helping prospective students make informed choices.

Exploring Europe’s business and management programmes

Choosing the right university involves more than just academic factors; it encompasses experiences, people, and opportunities. Student reviews provide invaluable insights into the higher education journey by addressing essential aspects such as the quality of professors, campus atmosphere, and career prospects after graduation.

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Insights from student reviews

The data on European business overall ratings from student reviews, spanning two years, offers intriguing insights into the changing perceptions of business education in five prominent countries. Notably, Germany witnessed a significant decline in its overall rating from 4.49 in 2022 to 4.10 in 2023.

While still maintaining a relatively high rating, this drop may indicate shifting dynamics or sentiments within German business programmes. The United Kingdom showed only a slight decrease, with a rating of 4.32 in 2022 and 4.26 in 2023. This suggests that to maintain a consistent standard of quality, some adjustments need to be made by UK institutions to align with the evolving needs of business students.

In France, the overall rating remained relatively stable, showing a modest increase from 4.25 in 2022 to 4.27 in 2023. This steadiness in satisfaction may reflect the enduring quality of business education in the country. Italy and Spain, while maintaining similar overall ratings, experienced subtle fluctuations.

In 2022, Italy’s rating was 4.10, which slightly decreased to 4.08 in 2023. In the same period, Spain’s rating went up from 4.07 to 4.18, indicating an improvement in their business education. Overall, the data suggests that these countries maintain consistency in their business education.

In conclusion

These ratings, derived from genuine student experiences, offer valuable insights into the quality of European Business and Management programmes. Student reviews are one of the most important sources for Gen Z to gain a more comprehensive understanding of each university and connect with current students for first-hand insights.

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