Online education that breaks paradigms

online education

Thinking that online education is bad by default is an outdated prejudice that may well reduce our opportunities for professional development and employability. This is demonstrated by the findings of the recent study carried out by ISIL – San Ignacio de Loyola Institute (Lima, Peru) on the competitiveness of Peruvian professionals with online studies.

One of the most compelling findings of the survey reveals that 64% of Peruvian company executives would readily hire professionals with online educational qualifications without hesitation. Along the same lines, 57% of those interviewed affirmed that they perceive online and face-to-face education to be at an equal level.

However, it is even more revealing to discover that 73% of the executives consulted believe that those who study online develop additional key skills, such as autonomy and discipline, and become more employable.

Advantages of an online education

That is, having successfully completed studies online is, in itself, a notable skill and an advantage that will be increasingly valued by employers. The most profound transformation processes – in education and in any other field – have the capacity to break paradigms and allow new standards to emerge.

Today, it’s undeniable that the impact of technology and the increasing demand from students for flexibility and personalisation are driving forces accelerating an irreversible change in the way we approach learning.

Finally, it is convenient to remember that the success of a learning process does not depend on the modality in which the program is taught but on the rigour with which the pedagogies are applied and, above all, the dedication of a learner who undertakes said process with autonomy, individuals take ownership and can self-motivate to learn continuously throughout their lives.

You can find the full version of the study by navigating to ISIL Insights.

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