How the power of human connections can impact business education


In the dynamic world of business education, where technological advancements often take centre stage, the transformative potential of human connections is frequently overlooked. Despite the prevalence of data analytics and digital platforms, the impact of genuine connections between individuals, especially between teachers and students, is undeniable.

These connections have the power to reshape the educational experience, fostering an environment of support, appreciation, and inspiration. Consider a scenario where a lecturer invests time in understanding the unique goals and challenges faced by each student in the class.

This personalised approach creates a bond that transcends traditional student-teacher dynamics, extending beyond the classroom’s physical confines. In such an atmosphere, students are motivated to excel, buoyed by the sense of being valued and cherished.

Industry-academia collaborations

Moving beyond the classroom, the concept of deep connections in business education extends to collaborations between academic institutions and industries. Imagine a business school partnering with local companies to provide students with practical assignments.

This not only enriches the curriculum but also exposes students to invaluable real-world experiences and insights. Importantly, these relationships are reciprocal, with students contributing diverse perspectives and novel concepts. The dynamic interchange of insights between students and teachers nurtures a culture of lifelong learning, emphasising the co-creation of a fulfilling educational experience over mere knowledge transfer.

Beyond academic walls

The ripple effects of these connections extend far beyond academic performance. Students who feel a sense of belonging to their school community are more likely to be engaged in their studies and achieve higher academic success. Moreover, the relationships forged within the educational environment often blossom into professional networks, opening doors to commercial partnerships and employment opportunities.

The human touch

In an era increasingly dominated by virtual connections through digital platforms, the importance of in-person human touch cannot be overstated. While technology facilitates communication, the depth of connection achieved in face-to-face interactions is unparalleled. Whether through networking events, collaborative workshops, or mentor-led coffee talks, the human touch enriches the educational experience, creating lasting impressions and fostering meaningful relationships.

A call to action in business education

The key to cultivating connections in business education lies in recognising that learning goes beyond the mere transmission of information. It involves nurturing students’ personal and professional development, fostering a sense of belonging, and preparing them for the challenges they will encounter in the real world. The transformational potential of these connections becomes even more crucial as we navigate the future of business education.

Connections, whether between teachers and students or between academia and the business world, form the bedrock of an educational process that is genuinely transformative and comprehensive. In the vast tapestry of business education, the most enduring and significant narratives are woven by the threads of connection.

As students journey into the future, it’s crucial not to forget the profound impact that these connections can have in creating an environment where individuals flourish and the fabric of knowledge intertwines with meaningful human bonds.

Shruti Choudhary is an Associate Professor of Marketing, COE-Digital Transformation and Customer Experience, and SOB Faculty Liaison on Internationalisation at Woxsen University.

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