Woxsen University’s School of Business Recognised in QS Masters’ Ranking


Woxsen University’s School of Business recently received global recognition for its performance in the QS Masters’ Rankings. The institution and its commitment towards academic excellence, innovation, and research have resulted in remarkable achievements in various disciplines.

With this recognition, Woxsen University has established itself as one of the leading business schools globally, attracting students and faculty from all over the world who seek to study and work in a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment.

In the highly competitive world of business education, Woxsen School of Business has made significant strides in the following categories:

  • Master’s in Management (MBA General) Program has secured a prestigious rank of Top 151+ Worldwide. Globally, it is the 27th-ranked program. In Asia, it stands at 17th. It remains a top choice for management education in India, exemplifying our commitment to producing future business leaders.
  • Master’s in Business Analytics Program has achieved an impressive rank of Top 101+ Worldwide. Notably, it is the 13th-ranked program in Asia and holds the prestigious 3rd position in India. This recognition underlines our dedication to providing students with a world-class education in the dynamic field of business analytics.
  • Master’s in Finance Program has achieved a distinguished rank of Top 151+ Worldwide. It is the 14th-ranked program in Asia and the 2nd-best program in India. This achievement showcases our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in finance education.

The achievements that Woxsen University has attained are truly remarkable and serve as a testament to the institution’s unwavering commitment to providing top-notch education, fostering innovation, and nurturing the talents of its students.

The university takes immense pride in the hard work and dedication of its faculty, staff, and students, who have played a pivotal role in garnering the well-deserved recognition that the institution enjoys today. This steadfast commitment to excellence has made Woxsen University a leading institution in the field of education.

About Woxsen University, Hyderabad:

Woxsen University, located in Hyderabad, is one of the first private universities of the state of Telangana, India. Renowned for its 200-acre state-of-the-art campus and infrastructure, Woxsen University offers new-age, disruptive programs in the fields of Business, Technology, Arts & Design, Architecture, Law, Liberal Arts & Humanities, Sciences. With 100+ Global Partner Universities and Strong Industry Connect, Woxsen is reckoned as one of the top universities for Academic Excellence and Global Edge. Woxsen is Ranked #12, All India Top 100 B-Schools by Times B-School Ranking 2023, Rank #15, All India Top Pvt. B-School, BusinessWorld 2022, Rank #28, All India Top Engineering Colleges, EducationWorld 2023, #16 Top 50 Business schools for Research in India, IIRF 2023.

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