Business schools can support entrepreneurs from every angle


As those studying at business school look to what’s next, some consider careers in big firms, while others look to start their own companies. Those budding entrepreneurs often look to their business schools for support to achieve their goals.

Take GBSB Global Business School in Europe, with campuses in Malta, Spain and online as an example. As well as innovation and digitalisation, entrepreneurship is a core value at the school, and they have a number of programmes, initiatives, and projects to help promising entrepreneurs thrive.

This includes ‘G-Accelerator’ – an exciting start-up hub that develops next-generation entrepreneurs that have innovative and disruptive ideas. They also seek those who intend on launching a business that will help contribute to a better society.

Once a year, the G-Accelerator has an ‘Impact Call’ – this is a six-month pre-accelerator programme that provides training, mentoring, networking, and financial support services to early-stage entrepreneurs focused on developing a venture with a ‘Triple Impact’ – this means they are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

Paving a path to entrepreneurship

The G-Accelerator sources and supports those who want to develop their own business in a short but highly efficient time frame. The Impact Call is a roadmap of 20 weeks from the first steps of ideation to the market, from product development to managerial skills and acquaintance modules.

The accelerator is in partnership with the Universitat de Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya, the Institute of Social Innovation (University of Northampton) and It is funded and supported by the European Social Fund and the Catalan Government.

As well as the G-Accelerator, the school has also recently announced the launch of their ‘Career, Alumni, and Entrepreneurship Centre (CAEC)’, a comprehensive initiative aimed at empowering students and alumni to achieve success in their professional journeys.

At GBSB Global Business School, they want to provide more than a degree to help them achieve a successful career, and their range of personalised services includes several elements.

Firstly, their dedicated internship support team helps students secure internships that match their interests and career goals, providing hands-on experiences and critical networking opportunities.

As part of their thriving alumni network, students also gain access to a powerful resource for mentorship, advice, and professional connections. GBSB Global alumni have achieved success in various industries and are ready to support the next generation of leaders.

Alumni chapters and annual reunions provide opportunities for continued networking and collaboration, both regionally and within specific industries. The GBSB Global Alumni community also stays connected through a LinkedIn group and annual reunions.

Guiding students to success

Their Mentorship Programme also pairs students with experienced professionals who offer guidance and support throughout their academic and professional journeys, helping them develop the skills necessary for success.

GBSB Global Business School also offers a range of professional development workshops led by industry professionals. These workshops cover topics such as leadership development, effective networking strategies, personal branding, and communication skills.

At GBSB Global Business School, both the G-Accelerator and CAEC are just two examples of how the school is committed to empowering students and alumni to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment.

As many business schools recognise, their students are often looking for provisions and additional support alongside their degree – and this is just one example of how a school is answering that call.

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