Discover the Top 50 Bestselling Case Authors 2022/23

Photo of the Top 50 Bestselling Case Authors 2022/23

The Case Centre’s list of bestselling case authors for the 2022/23 academic year has been revealed. 

The 2022/23 list is abuzz with change as ten new faces make their entrance. Among these, the spotlight shines particularly bright on Arpita Agnihotri of Penn State Harrisburg and Saurabh Bhattacharya of Newcastle University Business School, who are the highest new entries at number 12 (joint).

At the top of the list, we find the late, great Debapratim Purkayastha of ICFAI Business School (IBS), holding firm to first place for an astounding eighth consecutive year. His enduring influence remains an inspiration to all.

Well-established case schools feature prominently, with eight authors from Harvard Business School, six from INSEAD and five from the International Institute for Management Development (IMD).

But it’s not just about the heavyweights; the 2022/23 list also welcomes six schools who are making their debut: ESMT Berlin, HKU Business School, Hult EF Corporate Education, Imperial College Business School, Newcastle University Business School, and Penn State Harrisburg.

See all the trends in an infographic.

Meet the authors

Browse the full list of bestselling authors, discover their cases and learn why they believe in the enduring importance of case writing and teaching as a fundamental cornerstone of business education.

  1. Debapratim PurkayasthaICFAI Business School (IBS)
  2. Indu PerepuICFAI Business School (IBS)
  3. W Chan KimINSEAD (joint)
  4. Renée MauborgneINSEAD (joint)
  5. Wolfgang UlagaINSEAD
  6. Christopher A BartlettHarvard Business School
  7. Syeda Maseeha QumerICFAI Business School (IBS)
  8. Kamran KashaniInternational Institute for Management Development (IMD)
  9. Vivek GuptaMarket Xcel Data Matrix Pvt. Ltd.
  10. Rajiv FernandoQuality Austria Gulf
  11. Jitesh NairICFAI Business School (IBS)
  12. Arpita AgnihotriPenn State Harrisburg (joint)
  13. Saurabh BhattacharyaNewcastle University Business School (joint)
  14. Sanjib DuttaICFAI Business School (IBS)
  15. Jill Avery, Harvard Business School
  16. GV MuralidharaICFAI Business School (IBS)
  17. Herminia IbarraLondon Business School
  18. David B YoffieHarvard Business School
  19. Garima RatnaAmity Global Business School
  20. Todd JickColumbia Business School
  21. Youngme MoonHarvard Business School
  22. Kasra FerdowsMcDonough School of Business, Georgetown University
  23. Pierre ChandonINSEAD
  24. Jan W RivkinHarvard Business School
  25. Denis GrombHEC Paris
  26. Elizabeth GrasbyIvey Business School
  27. Peter KillingInternational Institute for Management Development (IMD)
  28. Vincent DessainHarvard Business School
  29. Robert F BrunerUniversity of Virginia Darden School of Business
  30. Michael LewisUniversity of Bath School of Management (joint)
  31. Jose AD MachucaUniversidad de Sevilla (joint)
  32. Urs MuellerSDA Bocconi School of Management
  33. Gianpiero PetriglieriINSEAD
  34. V Namratha PrasadICFAI Business School (IBS)
  35. Ian DunnIvey Business School
  36. Frédéric DalsaceInternational Institute for Management Development (IMD)
  37. Benjamin C EstyHarvard Business School
  38. David J CollisHarvard Business School
  39. John A QuelchMiami Business School
  40. Dan J WangColumbia Business School
  41. Dominique TurpinInternational Institute for Management Development (IMD)
  42. Amy LauHKU Business School
  43. Jamie AndersonAntwerp Management School
  44. Konstantin KorotovESMT Berlin
  45. Stefan MichelInternational Institute for Management Development (IMD)
  46. Stephan SchubertHult EF Corporate Education
  47. James E HatchIvey Business School
  48. Marc KittenImperial College Business School
  49. Ulf SchaeferSDA Bocconi School of Management
  50. Guoli ChenINSEAD

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