Online engagement: EOCCS Learning Community symposium 14-15 September


This blog is an unapologetic plug for the 7th EOCCS Learning Community symposium on the topic of online engagement.

When considering this blog post, I remembered the various blogs I have written over the years on the subject of engagement. Blogs such as:

Engagement of learners has always been the goal of good online learning experiences, and yet it is the point at which many fail.

This symposium asks WHY are facilitators (and many learners) so often frustrated by:

  • Learner cameras being switched OFF?
  • The same (few) learners offering opinions in breakout groups?
  • The same (few) learners submitting forum posts / answering questions / watching the whole video, and commenting on it? AND
  • Is this what we mean by engagement anyway?

Oh, and let’s not forget our faculty colleagues – are they engaged?

We trust that our attendees will go home with answers and solutions for their own online or blended experience.

Registration for the Symposium ends on 10 September – for online attendance.

So, what are you waiting for?

Click here to register for the EOCCS Learning Community Symposium 14-15 September 2023.


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