Empowering sustainability: Introducing Woxsen Campus Mart: redefining waste management through AI innovation


The AI Research Centre – Woxsen University Centre at Woxsen University has launched a new web application called “Woxsen Campus Mart: Transforming Waste into Sustainability.”

The platform aims to promote the reuse of resources within the Woxsen community, reducing waste generation and contributing to a greener campus. This website is hosted on a local server and can be accessed only by university students and faculty members.

Key features of the new application include:

  • Waste Exchange Platform: Students can connect with each other to exchange items that can be repurposed or recycled. Whether it’s books, electronics, or clothing, this platform facilitates the reuse of resources within the Woxsen community, reducing waste generation.
  • Secured and Exclusive: It’s designed exclusively for verified members of the university, ensuring a safe and trusted environment for all transactions. This greatly reduces the risks associated with traditional online marketplaces.
  • Streamlined Communication: The platform includes intuitive, user-friendly features that ensure seamless communication among users. Whether selling textbooks or any goods, that app easily connects potential buyers and sellers to facilitate smooth, simple transactions.
  • Enhanced Sustainability: By promoting a culture of reuse and resource sharing, the platform contributes to a more eco-friendly campus environment. Students can give new life to their unused items, reducing waste and embracing a more sustainable lifestyle.

Through combined efforts to reshape, reuse and revitalise the environment, waste can be transformed into sustainability and create a brighter future for generations to come.

AI Research Centre, Woxsen University: www.aircwou.in