CLIP Re-Accreditation for Siemens Global Learning & Growth

Siemens CLIP re-accreditation

We are delighted to announce that Siemens Global Learning & Growth (SGLG) has again completed the EFMD Corporate Learning Improvement Process (CLIP) and received CLIP re-accreditation!

Martin Moehrle, Director of Corporate Services and CLIP at EFMD said, ‘Warm congratulations to Siemens Global Learning & Growth! Its transformation from a learning provider to a learning enabler exemplifies best practice in corporate learning and embodies the purpose of the CLIP accreditation, which is to drive quality improvement and promote excellence in learning and talent development. SGLG’s inclusive access to vast learning resources is truly commendable.’

CLIP is a premier quality management tool for corporate learning. It benchmarks a learning function against international standards of strategic positioning, understanding of target markets, learning offer, operational model and impact with a focus on digital, agile and international aspects.

Siemens Global Learning & Growth

Siemens is a global powerhouse in the fields of technology, engineering, and innovation. Established in 1847 by Werner von Siemens, the company has grown into one of the world’s leading digital technology companies, operating across a diverse range of industries. It has a strong presence in more than 190 countries, employing more than 300,000 talented individuals.

Siemens places a strong emphasis on lifelong learning and skill development for its people, fostered through Siemens Global Learning & Growth (SGLG). As the corporate learning function, it aims to enable its people to reach their full potential by shaping an ecosystem of growth opportunities and a culture inspiring continuous learning and development.

Since its last re-accreditation, the corporate learning function has undergone a successful transformation to become Siemens Global Learning & Growth, moving beyond the role of a learning provider to become a dynamic digital learning ecosystem orchestrator. SGLG provides all employees free access to more than 130 000 learning resources through the learning experience platform My Learning World, creating a level playing field for global talent development. Embracing its global identity, SGLG adapts learning initiatives to cater to regional and global needs while maintaining a consistent standard across the organisation.

‘We are delighted that Siemens has been awarded CLIP re-accreditation by EFMD Global, highlighting our excellence in learning. As a learning and development function, we constantly strive to improve by seeking feedback and new ideas. With CLIP, we chose the leading independent accreditation system for corporate learning and development. We are proud to have achieved re-accreditation for the third time, confirming our dedication to innovation, and professional growth. This achievement demonstrates our efforts to transform into a learning enabler for our people, providing comprehensive and compelling learning experiences to empower people to learn and grow and organisations to be successful and to transform’ commented Daniela Proust, SVP and Head of Global Learning & Growth, Siemens.

About CLIP

CLIP is the leading independent accreditation system for corporate learning functions. Besides bringing internal and external recognition, it provokes a strategic dialogue among a learning function’s stakeholders on the role of learning in improving performance and accelerating transformation. CLIP’s comprehensive framework takes a broad view, including all relevant stakeholders of the learning function, as well as covering all important strategic and operational aspects of managing learning and talent development within a corporate context.

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For information on the CLIP process, visit our website.

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  1. Steven Smith on July 31, 2023 at 15:44

    The work done by the Siemens’ GLG Team is truly impressive and is a benchmark for what other Corporate Learning Functions can become as they strive to deliver greater impact to their organizations and learners.