King’s Business School launches Executive MBA designed for a world facing complex challenges

Applications for the new Executive MBA at King’s Business School are now open. 

Reflecting society’s new expectations of business and the urgent need to address problems like climate change through multi-faceted solutions, King’s Business School is launching a new EMBA with an emphasis on how businesses can address grand challenges via multi-disciplinary approaches.

Starting in September 2023, the EMBA will expand beyond staple themes such as finance, strategy and CSR that form the basis of many business school modules. Instead, a cross-departmental approach will examine how these concepts intertwine, allowing students to understand, for example, how sustainability impacts financial decisions.

In addition, EMBA candidates will learn from leading King’s researchers from areas as diverse as life sciences and war studies to test their skills and enable them to see business decisions in the context of wider technological and societal change.

“Businesses tell us that to succeed today, you need to combine leadership skills with an awareness of wider social and environmental challenges. We are proud to launch an EMBA that takes addressing these broader challenges as its starting point and recognises the opportunities that creates for businesses that find the best solutions to them. It is very much in the King’s tradition of working to make the world a better place,” says Professor Stephen Bach, Executive Dean.

“A typical business education is no longer enough for professionals on their way to the C-suite. Increasingly, leaders need to consider all kinds of input; from cutting edge technological developments to needs of the communities their business operates in. Working with top academics and other future leaders, graduates of our programme will think through issues, test out ideas, and learns how they can secure their organisation’s success in the years to come and make a positive contribution to the world around them,” says Professor Jens Hagendorff, Director of the Executive MBA programme.

In constructing the programme, King’s Business School consulted with business leaders across different sized enterprises to highlight what leaders needed to know and master in current and future contexts, and what might be missing from current EMBA programmes. As a result, the King’s Business School’s EMBA has a particular focus on the social and environmental challenges facing business, and how future leaders can harness the solutions for long-term success in the market.