Sustainability takes centre stage at Woxsen University’s sustainability week

sustainability week at woxsen university

Woxsen University organised an exciting Sustainability Week that took place from 6th February to 10th February 2023.

The university is committed to promoting sustainability and has organised a series of activities to educate, engage and inspire its community. The week-long event is a celebration of sustainable living, and the university community is invited to participate in a variety of activities that will raise awareness and drive positive change.

sustainability week at woxsen universityThe Sustainability Week kicked off on Monday, 6th February, with a Plantation Drive and Sustainability Walkathon. This is an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to get outside, get moving and get involved in making a positive impact on the environment. The Walkathon is a fun way to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability, and participants had the chance to learn about the latest sustainability indicators for landscapes.

Later in the day, Dr Anjali Krishan Sharma gave a talk on “Sustainability Indicators for Landscapes”, followed by an open house and interaction with the speaker. This is a great opportunity to learn from a leading expert in the field of sustainability and to ask questions and engage in discussions. The event concluded with the distribution of certificates to participants of the Certificate Course on Building Integrated Photo-Voltaic, conducted by Prof. Astrid Schneider.

On Tuesday, 7th February, Woxsen University hosted a Moot Court and a Poster Presentation and Best from Best event. The Moot Court is an opportunity for students to showcase their skills in legal argumentation and advocacy, and to learn about the legal aspects of sustainability. The Poster Presentation and Best from Best event is a showcase of the best student projects in sustainability, and it’s an opportunity to see the innovative and creative ways that students are addressing sustainability issues.

Wednesday, 8th February, featured a Panel Discussion on “Why is Sustainability Necessary in Engineering”. This is an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to learn from experts in the field and to engage in discussions about the importance of sustainability in engineering. The panel was followed by a Design Exhibition to showcase the long-term results of a series of student projects, including bamboo displays by Ar. Vindhya Kanthi and business tournament displays by Surya Teja Bachu and Santosh Kocherlakota.

Thursday, 9th February, featured a talk on the “Future of Sustainable Engineering: A Bird’s Eye View”, followed by a Reducing/Stopping Food Wastage Drive, a documentary showing and a Nukad Natak event. The Food Wastage Drive took place at the OVAL and Admin Block, and it was an opportunity to learn about the impact of food waste on the environment and to take action to reduce waste. The documentary showing Nukad Natak raised awareness about the importance of sustainability and the steps that can be taken to achieve a more sustainable future.

The final day of the Sustainability Week, Friday, 10th February, featured a Brainstorming Session to imagine a world that is sustainable in 2035. Students and faculty from organised the event, and anyone is welcome to participate, including students, faculty, and visitors. Participants had the chance to write their thoughts on paper and pin them to the board/wall, and a few Foundation and Visual Communication students led the event. The day also featured a Litter Reduction Drive from Woxsen University to Kamlole Village and a Happiness Box Drive.

In conclusion, the Sustainability Week organized by Woxsen University from 6th to 10th February 2023 is a testament to the university’s commitment to creating a sustainable future for humanity. With a lineup of exciting activities, including a plantation drive, sustainability walkathon, poster presentation, panel discussion, and a brainstorming session, the university community and beyond have the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations and actions towards sustainability.

woxsen university sustainability weekThe events planned for the week, such as the talk on “Sustainability Indicators for Landscapes” by Dr Anjali Krishan Sharma and the “Future of Sustainable Engineering” session, aim to educate and raise awareness about the critical issues of sustainability and the role of engineering in achieving a sustainable future. The poster presentation, design exhibition, and litter reduction drive are examples of the university’s hands-on approach to making a positive impact on the environment.

Sustainability Week is not only about educating and raising awareness, but it is also about taking action and making a difference. The happiness box drive, where students, faculty, and visitors can donate reusable items, is a great way to keep unwanted belongings out of landfills and in the hands of those who need them.

In short, Woxsen University’s Sustainability Week is an exciting initiative that demonstrates the university’s leadership in promoting sustainability and creating a better future for all. The university community and beyond are encouraged to participate and contribute to this important cause.