Woxsen University hosts a series of groundbreaking events in the world of research and business

Woxsen University research-focused events

Woxsen University’s School of Business recently held a series of academic and research-focused events that showcased the university’s commitment to quality research and education.

These events included the International Research Advisory Board (IRAB) Meeting, the Research Ethical Committee (REC) Meeting, the SEED Research Grant Awards, the Digits 2022 Conference, the 2nd AI Summit 2022, the COE Expo, the Woxsen Seminar Series, the Brain Thrust Forum, and the Faculty Development Program on Case Writing.

  1. The IRAB Meeting was attended by accomplished academics such as Prof. Peter McKiernan, Past President of the British Academy of Management, Prof. Peter Bamberger, Past Editor-In-Chief of the Academy of Management Discoveries and Vice-President of the Academy of Management USA, Prof. Sir Cary Cooper, CBE from the University of Manchester, and Prof. Vikas Kumar from the Bristol Business School. The meeting provided valuable suggestions and insights for the university’s research initiatives.
  2. The REC Meeting was established by the university to promote ethical perspectives in teaching-learning, research, and related activities. The REC will provide necessary concerns and approvals for all activities that involve human or animal intervention or interaction in all forms and types. The committee is comprised of the Chair of R & D, the VC (Ex Officio), all deans (Ex Officio), and several professors and researchers from various departments.
  3. The SEED Research Grant Awards provided INR 15 lakhs in funding for research projects aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and emerging technologies. The Digits 2022 Conference, organized by the School of Business, focused on the digitalization, big data, connectivity, and artificial intelligence that are shaping today’s cities and how they can contribute to the SDGs. The conference was attended by over 250 people and had 47 participants, with keynote speeches from international academics and researchers.Woxsen AI summit
  4. The 2nd AI Summit 2022, organized by the AI Research Centre and the School of Business in collaboration with the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, USA, was an interactive knowledge-building session on artificial intelligence. The COE Expo, the first student-led event of its kind, was held to communicate the purpose and significance of establishing Centers of Excellence (COEs) to the student community. The Woxsen Seminar Series was a platform for stakeholders to share their research interests and find synergies.Woxsen brain thrust forum
  5. The Brain Thrust Forum, led by Dr Subhendu Patnaik, was a think tank that deliberated on a wide variety of issues relevant to the society. The Faculty Development Program on Case Writing, conducted by Prof. Dixit, former Professor at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, provided insights and training on case writing and teaching.

Woxsen University’s commitment to quality research and education was showcased through these events, which brought together academics, researchers, and students from around the world to exchange ideas and knowledge.