Natasha Katuta Mwila, of De Montfort University, announced as Outstanding Case Teacher 2023

Natasha Katuta Mwila, of De Montfort University, announced as Outstanding Case Teacher 2023

The Case Centre has named Natasha Katuta Mwila, Senior Lecturer at De Montfort University, as winner of the 2023 Outstanding Case Teacher competition.

Awarded since 2013, the international Outstanding Case Teacher competition recognises exceptional teachers who are achieving excellence through innovative and creative approaches to case teaching. It is announced as part of the annual #WorldCaseTeachingDay celebrations.

Natasha teaches cases using a variety of methods such as multimedia, critical incident, extended-length cases, film, and live cases. She has also experimented with gamifying case teaching by introducing competition to motivate and inspire students.

She has developed a “flipped case methodology” to case teaching, based on the principles of the flipped classroom, and her principles of decolonisation and inclusivity using case teaching have been shared for adoption university-wide to enhance the student experience.

Judge’s comments

Vicky Lester, Chief Executive Officer of The Case Centre and chair of the judging panel, said:

Vicky Lester“Natasha is innovating in case teaching on a wide variety of dimensions, including flipping the case in ways that bring out the unseen characters, writing cases with protagonists in emerging markets and based on film, and gamifying case analysis.

“She also leads as a scholar of case pedagogy, imparting her innovating methods and studying their effectiveness. Natasha’s testimonials indicate she is reaching many students that normally might not relate to the case method.”

Hear from the winner

Natasha KatutaMwilaNatasha commented:

“Winning this competition is for me a validation of my practice. The consideration of the impact my approach to teaching has on students, my peers and the wider higher education community is humbling and motivates me to continue exploring a pedagogy that has become synonymous with my call to the vocation of teaching.”

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