Why leaders fail and what it teaches us about leadership

why leaders fail and what it teaches us about leadership

The Economist recently offered three pieces of advice for anyone considering writing a best-selling leadership book: make good leadership sound unrealistically easy, focus on an uncontested topic and pick a short and catchy title. In my book, Why Leaders Fail and What It Teaches Us About Leadership, I decided to do none of these things.…

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Woxsen University hosts successful inaugural Executive Fellows Consortium 2023

Executive Fellows Consortium

Hyderabad, India – Woxsen University is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the inaugural Executive Fellows Consortium 2023. The event took place on the university campus and brought together a diverse group of industry fellows to bridge the gap between academia and industry. The Executive Fellows Consortium is a one-of-a-kind program that provides participants…

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5 reasons for academics to focus on ESG and more: Q&A with Dr Ana Nacvalovaite

Q&A with Dr Ana Nacvalovaite

As researchers within higher and business education become evermore interested in the welfare of people and planet, we speak with Dr Ana Nacvalovaite, Research Fellow at Kellogg College, University of Oxford’s Centre for Mutual and Co-owned Business, about her focus on sustainability.  Dr Nacvalovaite believes it’s right for academics to pay attention to ESG. She tells…

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How to show your best attributes in an interview

best attributes in an interview

The interview process can be daunting, as candidates are put in the uncomfortable situation of having to talk themselves up. But to give yourself the best shot at success, you should view the process as an opportunity to show off a little and leave the interviewers with no doubt that you are the right person…

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Sustainability takes centre stage at Woxsen University’s sustainability week

sustainability week at woxsen university

Woxsen University organised an exciting Sustainability Week that took place from 6th February to 10th February 2023. The university is committed to promoting sustainability and has organised a series of activities to educate, engage and inspire its community. The week-long event is a celebration of sustainable living, and the university community is invited to participate…

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