The Brandstorm Youth Innovation Competition by L’Oréal receives EOCCS certification

We are delighted to announce that The Brandstorm Youth Innovation Competition organised by L’Oréal has been awarded EOCCS certification.

‘Warm congratulations to L’Oréal for this achievement! We are happy to celebrate the competition’s 30th year by certifying its commitment to upskilling young talent worldwide,’ said Keith Pond, EOCCS Director. L’Oréal has put forward an incubator of learning and development that encourages innovative thinking. We would like to highlight the competition’s excellent use of digital resources, their unwavering support to contestants, and the company’s collaborative spirit.’

L’Oréal began in 1909 when a young chemist formulated a hair dye which he manufactured and sold to Paris hairdressers. Now a world leader in cosmetics, the company has a mission of “beauty for all” with a focus on diversity and inclusion. The L’Oréal group is a member of EFMD and holds CLIP accreditation for its University for Leadership & Culture.

The Brandstorm Youth Innovation Competition is an international contest organised by L’Oréal since 1992. It has provided over 80 thousand participants from over 65 countries with a unique learning experience and the opportunity to innovate within the beauty industry. During eight months, the competition addresses actual challenges and allows participants to gain exciting insights into the real business world to enhance their entrepreneurial and creative skills. Supported by L’Oréal’s strong digital acceleration, the challenge offers participants access to learning content, masterclasses, and coaching sessions to support their journey and boost career prospects. Winning teams get the opportunity to participate in an intrapreneurship programme in the company and develop for real the project created at the competition.

‘Giving young people solid learning opportunities to set them up for the future to boost their employability has been at the core of the L’Oréal Brandstorm experience since the outset, by offering mentorship by experts and behind-the-scenes L’Oréal experience on a truly global scale. This helps set contestants on a path towards realising their entrepreneurial ambitions or securing a role in our industry. This makes L’Oréal Brandstorm a first-class learning and community-building experience, as well as an exciting competition,’  commented Michael Kienle, Global VP Talent Acquisition at L’Oréal

EOCCS certificate holders and other interested individuals and institutions combine to champion best practices in digital education. We are very pleased to welcome L’Oréal to our community!

About EFMD Online Course Certification System (EOCCS)

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