Business and war: Business lessons learned from the war in Ukraine

Business and War

KSE Graduate Business School, Kyiv, is launching a new international programme, Business and War, to share the experience Ukrainian business is living through right now due to war. 

The program will cover the peculiarities of business management in conditions of unpredictability and leading processes and organizations in complex adverse conditions. It will be aimed at developing skills for operating in times of uncertainty and help managers to lead their companies in the most unpredictable circumstances.

The programme will be specifically designed for business owners and managers of C, C-1, and N-1 levels who lead and ensure that their companies will endure no matter what obstacles they face.

We invite you to share your opinion on possible subjects by filling in a short Survey and to spread the word to your partners and professional communities who might be interested in benefiting from the program Business and War: Business Lessons Learned from the War in Ukraine.  

Link to the Survey form:

The survey is open until 11 November 2022.

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