Call for papers “Business principles for the stakeholder capitalism era”

abis call for papers

ABIS – The Academy of Business in Society is inviting the submission of papers and cases on topics related to “Business principles for the stakeholder capitalism era” that will be presented at the 21 ABIS Annual Colloquium on 29 November, online.

The main theme of the event, “Business principles for the stakeholder capitalism era”, will take a holistic view of the interplay among sustainability strategy, business model innovation and stakeholder capitalism. It aims to support all companies to renew their social license to operate and to transition towards more sustainable, resilient and future-proof business models while being part of the solutions to nowadays challenges.

In order to transfer key insights to practitioners and applied audiences who take business decisions every day, we are inviting the submissions:

  • Stakeholder engagement in existing and new business models
  • Stakeholder value approaches and models
  • Sustainable value creation
  • Social value, fair trade and ethical business models
  • Integrating business and ethics
  • Purpose-driven businesses
  • Co-creation of value
  • Business model innovation
  • Business models, management structures and incentives

Extended paper abstracts of 500-800 words must be submitted by 13 November 2022 by sending them to

The collected cases will be invited to publish in an ABIS Special Issue. ABIS is currently determining the most suited publishers and journals based on impact factors, speed of publication cycle and accessibility.

Find all the information at the CALL FOR PAPERS. 

The Colloquium will be both online and in person in Brussels. Please find the whole programme and register HERE.