Ethics & Trust in Finance 9th Global Prize

ethics in finance

Are you a young professional or academic interested in ethics and sustainability in finance? Don’t miss your chance to participate in the 9th. edition of the Global Prize Ethics & Trust in Finance for a Sustainable Future!

Call for candidates

The mission of Ethics & Trust in Finance for a Sustainable Future is to promote greater awareness among young people (under 35) throughout the world of the importance of strengthening ethics and integrity in the finance sector and of accelerating the transition to a sustainable financial system.

ethics and finance organizerAt the core of this initiative is the recognition that it is essential to support the commitment of the younger generation entering the world of finance – its future leaders – to strengthen sustainability and ethics in banking and finance and to reinforce their implementation. The Prize also stems from the conviction that it is important to stimulate the academic debate on the sustainable future of the finance sector and insurance, based on strong commitment to ethics and integrity.

We believe that the issues of ethics and trust in finance have a pivotal role to play in affecting a positive change in the uncertain world. We look forward to exploring bright new ideas from a diverse group of brilliant young people.

Closing: 29 May 2023

ethics and trust in finance sponsorsThe competition invites young professionals and academics under 35 years of age to submit unpublished papers:

  • maximum of 5000 words;
  • analytical or practical topics;
  • rigorous argumentation;
  • innovative approach;
  • clear conclusions.

An international jury, comprising of prominent experts in finance and ethics, will designate in autumn 2023 one or more prize winners and allocate the sum of USD 20,000 between them.

How to participate:

  • go to
  • fill in your «expression of interest»
  • follow the instructions
  • read the papers of the finalists of past editions
  • submit your paper before 29/05/2023

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