CKGSB’s webinar: Navigating Uncertainty and Opportunities Amidst Disruptions

Register now for CKGSB’s webinar “Navigating Uncertainty and Opportunities Amidst Disruptions” on 13 September 2022 from 20:00-21:00, Beijing time. EFMD is one of the supporting organisations.

CKGSB is China’s first private business school and a member of EFMD that has obtained EQUIS accreditation. CKGSB also offers a platform for scholars, industry leaders and government officials to share ideas and network. This exchange is made possible through global events in partnership with leading institutions.

About the webinar

As the concepts of social responsibility and sustainability gain traction, the role of business schools in cultivating leaders who can deal with uncertainty is becoming increasingly important. In light of the tectonic changes in technology and the world economy, business schools are responsible for developing global leaders capable of successfully navigating such disruptions while generating a positive impact for all stakeholders. Join CKGSB’s webinar to answer these questions:

  • What’s the role of business schools in the era of uncertainty?
  • How to forge a path to sustainable development leveraging advanced technology?
  • How can schools better prepare current and future leaders to identify opportunities amidst declining economic growth?
  • What has the pandemic taught us, and how can we apply these lessons?

This webinar features industry experts who will shed light on the responsibilities and roles of business schools in an uncertain world.

  • Xiang Bing, Founding Dean, Professor of China Business and Globalization, CKGSB
  •  Antonio Batista da Silva Junior, Dean of FDC
  • Soumitra Dutta, Dean of Saïd Business School, Oxford University
  • Dan LeClair, CEO of the Global Business School Network
  • TAO Zhigang, Professor of Strategy and Economics, Associate Dean, CCKGSB
  • Alexander Triantis, Dean of Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

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