Hybrid: The best of all possible worlds?

hybrid learning

COVID-19 has been a catalyst for many in Higher Education. Most have explored online learning as an emergency solution. Many have discovered new ways of working. But, just as many have reverted to “the old normal” to encourage students and learners back to campus where they can benefit from the socialisation that is a key part of the learning mix.

Hybrid delivery is seen as a sensible solution for a learning community that wants flexibility and individual attention whilst benefitting from face-to-face socialisation and deep learning opportunities through open discussions. Defenders of Hybrid often adopt a Panglossian view that it is “the best of all possible worlds”, but just like Candide in Voltaire’s satire, they can be attacked from all sides by misfortune or misguidedness.

This year’s EOCCS Learning Community Symposium, taking place on 22 and 23 September 2022 and hosted by BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, not only discusses “Perspectives on Hybrid” but does so in the Hybrid way. Speakers and attendees have the opportunity to join either physically, in Oslo, or online from their own base. What could possibly go wrong?

The fact is that Hybrid is still in its infancy. Technology has come a long way, pedagogy has advanced, but there are still many lessons to be learned (sometimes through failure as well as success). EOCCS has never been shy to experiment, pilot and learn from experience – so join us in Oslo or online to share your own and others’ experiences.

Early Bird registrations end on 31 July 2022: Face-to-face participants: €350.00; Online participants: €200.00.