The benefits of a dual degree programme

Today, many universities and business schools offer their students the chance to undertake a dual degree programme. Stephanie Mullins and Olivia Nieberg from specialist business education PR consultancy BlueSky Education explore how students are given the opportunity to earn dual degrees at a number of respected institutions.

As well as studying for two separate degrees, dual degree programmes are usually hosted at two different universities or business schools. This is hugely beneficial not only from an academic perspective, but the chance to study at a different institution and in a different country is an invaluable opportunity for participants to immerse themselves into a new culture – something which is particularly useful if they then want to work abroad.

Below we’ve taken a closer look at some of the top international business schools offering sought-after dual degree programmes.

BI Norwegian Business School

BI Norwegian Business School has several dual degree programmes on offer, where students can study at BI in the first year and at a university abroad in their second year. There are many options to choose from, including opportunities to study at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics in Portugal if you are a Master of Science in Business student, or UPF Barcelona School of Management, Spain and Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Austria for a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation students.

With so many fantastic options available at BI, it is understandable why a dual degree programme at this business school is becoming an increasingly popular option for those wanting to excel in their international business career.

ESMT Berlin

ESMT Berlin and the Yale School of Management (Yale SOM) offer a double master’s degree. This means that students at ESMT Berlin can acquire two degrees: an MSc in Management (MIM) from ESMT and a Masters of Management Studies (MMS) from Yale SOM in just two years.

Master’s students at ESMT can apply to Yale for the MMS programme upon enrolment at ESMT. The double degree at ESMT and Yale is a unique opportunity for students to build a life-long network that will stay with them for the duration of their professional lives. Not only do students get to experience the diverse viewpoints of a top technology-oriented European business school and an Ivy League partner, but they will also join the alumni networks of both schools, which is an invaluable career accelerator.

Durham University Business School

At Durham University Business School, the school offers dual degree programmes at the executive education level too. Here, students can study for an Executive MBA at two UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Durham in the UK, and the Upper Middle Rhine region in Germany.

There are numerous career benefits to this dual degree programme. Firstly, this dual programme draws on both UK-specific and European experiences giving students a unique insight into leadership in today’s international business world.

The programme is also incredibly international and diverse, and the business and alumni connections students gain help students both professionally and socially long after graduation.

ESSEC Business School

At ESSEC Business School, they look for like-minded institutions who share their values to partner with for their dual degree programmes. This includes their dual programme with the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, in Beijing.

This programme is a once in a lifetime opportunity for five students who have completed their second year of ESSEC’s Global BBA programme to continue their studies on the Guanghua campus. Focusing on the economic, political, and management dynamics in both Europe and Asia, this programme gives participants the opportunity to study a rich combination of courses and “learning by doing” experiences.  Launched in 2020, this partnership enables ESSEC to be part of Peking University’s “Future Leaders” programme, which was developed as a means to equip future leaders with the skills necessary to navigate business situations in China.

GBSB Global Business School

GBSB Global Business School is an internationally recognized institution with campuses in Malta and Spain. The business school offers various dual degree programmes in partnership with the University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia (UVic-UCC).

These include their ‘Master in Operations and Supply Chain Management’ – an exceptional programme that focuses on themes related to production planning, inventory control, digital technologies, warehouse administration, quality control, supplier contracts, procurement and nurturing supplier relations.

The school also offers dual degree programmes in their ‘Master in Financial Management, Digital Banking and Internet Finance’ and a ‘Master in Business Innovation’. Both of these dual degree programmes enable students to understand the ever-changing world of business, and how new technologies are constantly changing the way global industries operate.

Aalto University School of Business

Global networking is hugely important in research, teaching and learning at Aalto University School of Business in Finland. This is why the business school cooperates with prestigious universities and business schools around the world.

This is certainly true for the dual degree programmes they have on offer, where they have agreements with top schools from all corners of the globe. This includes the University of Queensland Business School in Australia for Management and International Business students, the University of South Carolina – Darla Moore School of Business in the USA for Management and International Business students, ESADE Business School in Spain for IDBM students and University of Cologne, Germany, for students of Finance, Marketing or Information and Service Management.

Renowned for its innovation and forward-thinking teaching approaches, the dual degree programmes at Aalto University School of Business only further highlight the educational excellence on offer at the school.

ESCP Business School

At ESCP Business School, dual degree programmes are offered as part of their Master in Management programme, which fall into two categories: dual degrees in France, and dual degrees with the school’s international partners.

Dual degree students spend their first year of the MiM at ESCP and their second year at one of their partners worldwide – from India, China, the US, and many more. Students exit the programme as graduates of both schools. The aim of these programmes is to immerse students into another learning environment for one or two semesters and to expose them to different educational approaches.

The dual degree programmes are also incredibly beneficial for the overall culture of the school community. Several students from around the world join ESCP as double degree candidates, and the presence of such diversity creates an incredible multicultural atmosphere and intercultural experience for all ESCP students.

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