Polimi Graduate School of Management leverages the benefits of AI

Polimi FLEXA

This Member Spotlight highlights Polimi Graduate School of Management in Italy and its leveraging of machine learning and artificial intelligence with FLEXA. Special thank you to Daniela Mataro, Faculty Management and Accreditations Specialist, and Catia Trinchillo, FLEXA Project Leader, for their contribution.

With Polimi Graduate School of Management students and alumni, other professionals and companies in mind, we discerned the need for real, personalised support in winnowing down the overwhelming multitude of choices an individual needs to make when working out how to further and achieve their ambitions.

By leveraging the manifold benefits of machine learning and artificial intelligence, our target users can exploit a personal development tool to evaluate and improve their skills efficiently and effectively, to bring their profiles – or those of their employees – into line with market demand. FLEXA answers the age-old question of what employers are seeking and helps its users to make the grade.

FLEXA registered usersThe idea of trying to keep pace with a world in constant flux and with an overload of information bombarding us at all times led to the requirement for access to constantly updated, selected and targeted content, which would enable users to make the most of their limited time so as to increase their employability.

Most students can only dream of having a supportive personal mentor available to them both during their studies and after leaving their alma mater. For Polimi Graduate School of Management students and alumni, however, FLEXA has become a reality, helping them to fulfil their ambitions.

To satisfy the needs of our target audience, FLEXA’s lifelong learning functions use machine learning and artificial intelligence based on these pillars:

  • knowing yourself: in a fluid and unstable working world we need to move flexibly, keeping our minds open to change, to accept new challenges. To navigate successfully, a clear awareness and knowledge of one’s skills is needed, then a clear, structured, professional goal. FLEXA users undergo a skills assessment (hard, soft and digital) which responds to these requirements.
  • understanding your skills gaps: the assessment gives users clarity regarding the skills to work on to approach their professional goal. Market demand is increasingly focused on vertical and transversal skills. To be competitive in the current working environment, everyone must promote their own change, know their gaps and fill them.
  • accessing a huge ecosystem of physical and digital learning content: FLEXA provides constantly updated, selected content from accredited sources.
  • sharing knowledge with your peers: through mentoring and community features, FLEXA allows users constant access to a digital space for sharing ideas and experiences, enhancing learning shared among colleagues.
  • personalised, AI-based recommendations: with customised content, a tailormade path makes the subject responsible for their own learning.

In honing each user’s personalised training path, FLEXA is aided by artificial intelligence which, in light of the objective, cross-references the particular skills gaps with the most appropriate content. For this purpose, FLEXA can extrapolate content from more than two hundred certified and selected sources, using around 14,000 content-search keywords.

Furthermore, in order to stay relevant at all times, work on the selection of sources to be integrated into FLEXA’s databank is constant and ongoing, thus enabling users to have the latest information at their fingertips. This task is conducted by the Polimi Graduate School of Management faculty in collaboration with companies, universities and business schools at national and international level, meaning that while designed and created by the Polimi Graduate School of Management, FLEXA has a global outlook. Sources include Polimi Graduate School of Management courses as well as learning content offered by other outstanding business schools, business editors and publishers, specialised online training providers, and all of the most important MOOCs platforms.

FLEXA content feedbackArtificial intelligence is used to digitise the process of creating a personalised training path. FLEXA’s AI attributes enable a tailormade educational path to be designed, individually aligned to each user’s skills gaps. Furthermore, thanks to artificial intelligence, FLEXA itself continues to learn and improve.

Long-term goals envisage FLEXA evolving into a digital platform used by many Higher Education institutions and companies. To reach these objectives, the current status of the platform will be transformed into a multi-tenant digital solution, enriched with software integrations adopting a wide range of Learning Management Systems, CRM and Human Capital Management products.

We plan to scale the platform through modularization, allowing for effective growth of the Big Data and AI components, while enabling development of diverse front-end solutions for B2C, Higher Education and Enterprise markets.

In the long run, we foresee that FLEXA will become the reference tool for our students and alumni, integrating information relating to their curriculum and augmenting their learning experience.

Polimi Graduate School of Management has been an EFMD member since 2002. The school has been EQUIS accredited since 2007 and EOCCS certified since 2017. Learn more about our Member Spotlight series here. If you are interested in participating in the Member Spotlight, please contact us.