Initial EQUIS accreditation for Barcelona School of Management and King’s Business School and four schools receive re-accreditation


Warm congratulations to Barcelona School of Management, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF-BSM) in Spain and King’s Business School, King’s College London in the United Kingdom for receiving their initial EQUIS accreditations. Welcome to the EQUIS community!

Alfons Sauquet, Quality Services & EQUIS Director, commented: ‘Congratulations to both schools. It is a pleasure to assess schools that are so committed to real-world impact through education, and we look forward to seeing their future endeavours .’

Barcelona School of Management, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF-BSM)

UPF-BSM was founded in 1993 and now has more than 40,000 alumni. The school has a mission to prepare leaders with a global vision in a research-based context. Its connections with the world of practice are evident in a variety of forms, such as the responsiveness of the executive education programme, the company-sponsored centres and practice-oriented research.

UPF-BSM Director General, Dr José Manuel Martínez-Sierra commented, ‘This accreditation, recognised worldwide, endorses our reputation and affirms our present and future commitment to the highest international standards of excellence. We are extremely grateful to EFMD’s European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) for endorsing our most important pledge, namely, providing top-quality education for our students.

Our whole school is very proud to be able to show that ethics, responsibility, and sustainability are the right pillars to support a world-class school of Management, committed to the future of our students and to our planetary wellbeing’.

King’s Business School, King’s College London

King’s Business School is in the heart of London and traces its origins to the 1880s. It was established as the School of Management & Business for King’s College London in 2015 and officially became a faculty in 2017. The school has a mission to create business activists who collaborate across disciplines. The manner in which research is embedded within the school’s portfolio of activities is evident based on the supportive research culture and the excellent quality of research output.

King’s Business School Executive Dean, Professor Stephen Bach, stated, ‘We are very proud to join the EQUIS community within just five years of becoming a business school; it is a mark of the rigour of our education and research and of our commitment to continuous improvement. The emphasis that EQUIS places on reaching demonstrable standards in areas like internationalisation, ethics and engagement with the world of practice is particularly important to us as we strive to work with businesses and our students and alumni to address societal challenges and have a positive impact around the world.’

During the same Accreditation Board meeting, the following institutions were granted EQUIS re-accreditation:

EQUIS – EFMD Quality Improvement System

EQUIS is a rigorous tool for business schools to assess, accredit and improve their quality in ten key areas, benchmarking them against international standards in terms of governance, programmes, students, faculty, research, and foremost, internationalisation, ethics, responsibility and sustainability, as well as corporate engagement.

It offers a quality assessment and a quality improvement process, very much rooted in the mission of EFMD. True quality is about striving to do better, even when you are already excellent, and this focus on continuous improvement is thus at the heart of the EQUIS mission.

EQUIS attaches particular importance to the creation of effective learning environments which foster students’ managerial and entrepreneurial skills alongside their personal development and sense of global responsibility.

There are currently 208 EQUIS accredited schools across 46 countries globally. More information is available on our website.


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