Rotary France seeks business partnerships to help Ukraine


Rotary France has launched a major initiative to help people in difficulty because of the current war in Ukraine, those who are still in Ukraine, and refugees with their children who are reaching France.

Rotary France is looking to identify partner organisations/companies with whom it can launch concrete projects to provide assistance in a more structured and sustainable way, such as:

  • teaching French and English to children and adult refugees;
  • lodging in professional or personal premises;
  • medical support and related pharmaceutical elements/medical material;
  • food and help with integration/coaching.

These projects will be organised in the form of partnerships with each contributing company/organisation, using dedicated and structured logistics and putting in place a common communication plan in the diverse media at the disposal of Rotary France to adequately value the contribution of each (organisation, company, voluntary members) in this difficult context.

Rotary France is sending a call for help to French EFMD member institutions. Please check within your communities for volunteers willing to give some hours of time and expertise to:

  • provide courses in French or English for Ukrainian refugees who are arriving in France;
  • participate in one of the other sub-projects.

If interested, please contact Nicolas Kourim by email or phone: +33(0)

Rotary France

See other Rotary options for providing assistance to Ukraine here.

Visit the EFMD Solidarity with Ukraine section of our website for more ways to help. 

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