EFMD 4 Ukraine, a platform to connect Ukrainian talent and companies

EFMD 4 Ukraine

The rapidly escalating humanitarian crisis resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine is heavily impacting the Ukrainian population that has to defend its way of life and sovereignty and fight for survival. Some are on the forefront, some are displaced within the country, others had to flee abroad and seek refuge in neighbouring central and eastern European countries or somewhere else in the world. These refugees will need to find employment to support themselves and their families while at the same time living with the constant hope of returning to their country one day and rebuilding it.

EFMD and its career partner Highered couldn’t stay silent and are committing to support the Ukrainian community and especially the younger generation by liaising specific job offers and potential candidates from Ukraine; the same way we facilitate the job market for our EFMD member schools.

EFMD 4 Ukraine

In practice, we are launching a fully functional platform EFMD 4 Ukraine that allows all talent from Ukraine to benefit, at no cost, from all the features of a gethighered platform:

  • access to a customised job board where all companies will be able to post jobs specific for Ukrainian refugees anywhere in the world or in Ukraine;
  • access to all curated career resources (Masterclasses, templates, assessments …);
  • participation in the upcoming global career events organised for the EFMD community.

How to use the platform

Any employer that has specific jobs is welcome to post them on the job board – free of charge – or simply tag them by using #EFMD4Ukraine anywhere on the internet to be visible on the platform. In due time, we will host dedicated career fairs on EFMD 4 Ukraine for companies interested in recruiting Ukrainian refugee students.

We, therefore, invite you to share this platform with any Ukrainian student or young graduate from Ukraine. We hope EFMD 4 Ukraine reinforces our member schools’ efforts at the forefront of humanitarian support, helping the refugees find employment to allow their subsistence. We also invite you to inform potential recruiters interested in supporting this initiative to share relevant job offers and participate in the dedicated virtual events.

For more details, kindly contact Jean-Alexis Spitz.

Visit the EFMD Solidarity with Ukraine section of our website for more ways to help.