The 2021 Case Writing Competition Winners

The 2021 Case Writing Competition Winners banner

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2021 edition of the EFMD Case Writing Competition. All the participants and winners have showcased incredible efforts and dedication; congratulations to all!

Eric Cornuel, President of EFMD Global, congratulated the 2021 EFMD Case Competition Winners by saying: ‘Congratulations to all the winners for this outstanding achievement. Every year I am in awe of the quality and excellence of the cases submitted. With a record of 605 submissions in 14 categories, the cases addressed critical topics such as social impact, circular economy, sustainability, inclusivity, and more. Each edition of the competition is a testimonial of the essential role case teaching and writing plays in advocating for a more ethical, purposeful and sustainable tomorrow.’

Richard McCracken, The Case Centre Director, said: “I am always delighted and impressed by the high-quality cases that are submitted to the EFMD Case Writing Competition. This year the bar has been raised even higher, as seen by the number of categories that have co-winners, after the judges were unable decide on one winner. It’s an honour for The Case Centre to support the EFMD Case Writing Competition. Congratulations to all the winners."

Visit the EFMD Case Writing Competition Case Winners website and browse this year’s winners’ short case summaries for more information.

The 2021 Case Writing Awards are awarded to:

African Business Cases, sponsored by China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)

'ANGAZA: A Silicon Valley Journey' written by:

  • Vanina Farber
  • Shih-Han Huang

'We are honored to receive EFMD Global’s recognition for the Angaza case. It was a privilege to be able to share the story of Lesley Marincola, a young female entrepreneur, and her journey to bring energy access to rural off-grid communities through an innovative pay-as-you-go business model – an endeavor that bridges Silicon Valley and Africa, and the social impact and for-profit worlds. This case shows that it is possible to escalate social impact while still making money, and we hope it inspires other students embarking on their own entrepreneurial journeys to marry business and impact.'

Bringing Technology to Market, sponsored by EFMD Global with the support of Bringing Technology to Market (BTM) Center, ESMT Berlin

'HP Inc.: Poised to Lead in 3D Printing?' written by:

  • Andreas Schotter

EFMD Global would like to warmly thank the Bringing Technology to Market (BTM) Center, ESMT Berlin for their expertise and contribution in assessing the cases submitted in the “Bringing Technology to Market” category.

'I am thrilled about and thankful for the recognition. The 'HP Inc.: Poised to Lead in 3D Printing?'case is particularly relevant in the context of how to bring technology to market in a rapidly changing world. A major aim in developing this case was to showcase how an established incumbent firm adapts its strategy development and execution processes to digital disruption and automation, the major forces driving transformation today.'

Continuous Improvement: The Journey to Excellence, sponsored by EFMD Global

'The Plastilene Group: Sustainable Innovation Strategy' written by:

  • Ricardo Estrada
  • Juan Carlos Rodriguez
  • Michael Rivera

EFMD Global would like to warmly thank The Case Centre for their expertise and contribution in assessing the cases submitted in the 'Continuous Improvement: The Journey to Excellence' category.

'We are pleased to receive this award for a case study born from the teamwork between Professor Michael and the former EMBA Students Ricardo and Juan Carlos. The case shows how Plastilene Group, a Plastic film Company, tackles the Global Plastics attack following a strategic renewal with Sustainability and Innovation as pillars of Its Business Strategy. We hope this case will be inspirational for those who work and study  pursuing excellence and continuous improvement for the business, the people, and the planet.'

Corporate Social Responsibility, sponsored by ESC PAU Business School

'Ant Forest: Starting From Environmental Protection' written by:

  • Meng Rui
  • Qiong Zhu

'We are honoured to be recognized with this achievement. We hope this case can shed light on how to create economic value by solving social problems. It can help business executives better understand how to design normalized, sustainable and systematic public benefit mechanisms that solve social problems and how to create economic value by solving social problems.'

Entrepreneurship, sponsored by emlyon business school

Winners to be announced soon.

Family Business, sponsored by Suliman S. Olayan School of Business, American University of Beirut

'Brown-Forman: Nothing better in the market' written by:

  • Benoit Leleux
  • Marta Widz
  • Marc Chauvet

'We are really honoured by this recognition. It also shows that a 150-year old family business such as spirits and wine specialist Brown-Forman can teach us a lot about sustainability and resilience. As many durable family businesses, Brown-Forman realized early on its reliance on diverse communities, on environment and on rigorous, well-balanced governance, allowing it to navigate successfully through Prohibition and COVID-19. We hope readers will share our sense of wonder discovering how the Brown family built Brown-Forman to what it is today, a responsible leader in spirits and wine.'

Finance and Banking, sponsored by Portsmouth Business School

'Business Intelligence and Geographic Information Systems in the Banking Industry: A Case Study of Improved Appraisal Performance for Home Loan Valuation' written by:

  • Araya Chaiprasert
  • Jongsawas Chongwatpol

'We are honoured to be one of the winners of the EFMD case competition. I and Araya are very appreciative to represent NIDA Business School for this achievement. One of the highlights of writing this case was connecting the current managerial challenges in the banking industry with academic research on business intelligence (BI), analytics, and geographic information systems (GIS).'

Hidden Champions, sponsored by Hidden Champions Institute (HCI), ESMT Berlin

'Polycorp Ltd: A Pricing and Investment Dilemma' written by:

  • Peggy Cunningham

'I was delighted to learn that my case, Polycorp: A Pricing and Investment Dilemma, was selected as the "Hidden Champions" winner.  This is my second win over the last 5 years. I love writing cases! Learning how companies have grown their businesses is inspiring.  Case writing generates many beneficial outcomes. It keeps me up to date with best business practices and drivers of global business success. I always have great examples to share with my students, and I have a ready set of research informants. The findings I have derived from doing case research have often supported the subsequent development of journal submissions.'

Inclusive Business Models, sponsored by IMD - Institute for Management Development

'Batec Mobility: Creating, Scaling, and Selling an Inclusive Business' written by:

  • Alfred Vernis
  • Suzanne Jenkins
  • Lisa Hehenberger

'Pau Bach and his company show that purpose and profit can be tightly integrated in an entrepreneurial business model. Pau, who uses a wheelchair, wanted to help others like him lead active and social lives—and he wanted to build a profitable business, not a charity. The result was Batec Mobility, a company that was created by people with disabilities, employs people with disabilities, and aims to revolutionize mobility for people in wheelchairs. We hope this case will inspire future entrepreneurs and help prepare them to navigate the process of creating, scaling, and eventually selling inclusive companies.'

'Ecoflora: Sustainable Innovation in an Emerging Economy' written by:

  • Ezequiel Reficco
  • Roberto Gutiérrez

'An initial privilege for us as authors is to learn from amazing initiatives developed amidst difficult circumstances in Colombia.  Ecoflora is an excellent example of what happens when business leaders commit themselves to societal change and honour the resilience of social and environmental systems which we all depend on. Another benefit is to have the opportunity of making Ecoflora’s case visible to a large global audience.  Following the success of this company and discussing its journey through the case is a fortune we are delighted to share.'

Latin American Business Cases, sponsored by Universidad Externado de Colombia

'Antigal: Strategy and Succession Challenges in a Family-Owned Vineyard with Global Ambitions' written by:

  • Lucia Pierini
  • Martin Roll
  • Gianfranco Siciliano
  • Zhijing Can

'We are delighted to be among the winners of the 2021 EFMD case competition. We are very much grateful and honoured to receive this award and sincerely wish to thank the organizers and the sponsor of this competition. We also warmly thank the Cartoni family for sharing their experience with us. We hope that our case will be useful for executives and practitioners that are interested to understand the complexity and the challenges of family business''

MENA Business Cases, sponsored by EFMD Global

'Introducing a Sustainable Business Model in Africa: The Case of BioDrive in Morocco' written by:

  • Majid El Ghaib
  • Mark Davis

EFMD Global would like to warmly thank Prof. Dr Wolfgang Amann for his expertise and contribution in assessing the cases submitted in the “MENA Business Cases” category.

'What a great honour to be recognized in the EFMD case competition. We at ESCA Ecole de Management hope that the case will help our youth in the MENA region and Africa understand the importance of sustainability and social innovation as an opportunity to create a greener and more inclusive world. A kind thought goes to my late colleague and coauthor Mark Davis who is not here with us to celebrate this accomplishment.'

Responsible Business, sponsored by School of Business, The American University in Cairo (AUC)

'Tender Greens: Can they keep the ‘Green’ Promise in Beef Sourcing?' written by:

  • Marilyn Anthony
  • Neha Mittal

'Winning is always exciting! But this award is a true honour and I extend my heartfelt thankfulness to the European Foundation for Management Development (EMFD). To be recognized as one of the winners of the EFMD case competition and to represent Fox School of Business, Temple University, is a privilege.'

Responsible Leadership, sponsored by University of San Diego School of Business

'NIA Impact Capital: Active Ownership for Social Justice' written by:

  • Vanina Farber
  • María Helena Jaén

'We are grateful because this award recognizes the leadership of a strong female protagonist, Kristin Hull, in the traditional male-dominated financial industry. We strongly believe in the role of responsible leadership to speed and scale the path for social justice and equality in the workplace.  We want students to learn the tools of active ownership sustainable financial strategies, but also to critically reflect on responsible investors’ values and intentionality. We hope this case invites instructors from different disciplines, strategy, finance, sustainability, and leadership, to embed social justice in the class discussion.'

'Youth4Jobs: Evolving and Scaling Up a Disability Inclusion Model' written by:

  • Ramnarayan S
  • Sunita Mehta

'First, we are grateful to Youth4Jobs for giving us an opportunity to write a case study about their journey of establishing an institution that served the disabled rural youth by providing them with skills and job placements. The Y4J team faced multiple hurdles along the way. It was their commitment, dedication and passion that enabled them to develop required expertise and give a new lease of life to this marginalized and neglected group of individuals. The story is truly inspiring and winning the prestigious EFMD award for it is a great honour for the work done by the organization.'

Women in Business, sponsored by IMD - Institute for Management Development

'The WNBA: The League Betting on Women' written by:

  • Adam Steinbach

'I am incredibly grateful to EFMD for this recognition and especially honoured to have my case represent the Women in Business category for this year’s award. The WNBA is a fascinating organization, as it tries to establish itself in the male-dominated sports industry and a broader social context that is often dismissive of women in sports. I hope my case provides a platform for students to explore these complex gender issues in a professional sports context that many find inviting and personally interesting, while also thinking strategically about setting the WNBA on a path for growth in a competitive industry.'

Please visit The Case Centre’s webpage to access the collection of the winning cases.


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