Entrepreneurship in Europe from KSE Graduate Business School


KSE Business School is a Ukrainian business school that focuses on assisting in Ukraine’s economic recovery by:

  • Uniting government, business, associations, and universities.
  • Supporting Ukrainian business local and abroad.
  • Striving to preserve Ukrainian human capital during the war and develop Ukraine’s business environment post-war.

Problems to solve by this project:

  • Renewal of professional activity by migrants. Ukrainians who flew abroad can renew their professional activities and become financially independent from the support of the EU. They will be able to conduct their business in a new environment and self-employed persons will be able to conduct their activities as well. Thus, they will create value and pay taxes.
  • Reducing the financial burden on migrants. Ukrainians who flew abroad are challenged to start/renew their work. Thus, financial support provided by the EU is crucial for many of them. This project is aimed at making Ukrainians abroad financially independent.

This project helps:

  • Understand Ukrainians, who flew abroad, how to conduct business with regard to EU rules and legislation.
  • Self-employed persons understand how they can conduct their activities in a new country.
  • Help Ukrainians adapt to new conditions faster.
  • Lighten the financial burden of the EU to provide assistance for Ukrainians.

How it will work:

With regard to the mentioned problem, we plan to initiate informational support for Ukrainians who are forced to leave their homes and flee abroad. In cooperation with business schools and NGOs in the countries where most Ukrainians flew, we will organize events, workshops, short term courses, elaborate checklists and other materials as might be needed to start or renew business.

About KSE https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyiv_School_of_Economics

Please use the contacts below for more information:

Valentyna Sakhno, Acting director of Business School KSE, vsakhno@kse.org.ua

Alisa Gnydyuk, PR-director KSE, agnydyuk@kse.org.ua


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