Kozminski University: Solidarity with Ukraine

solidarity with ukraine

In the terrible context of war that the world is facing now, our community looks for opportunities to provide support. Kozminski University, a Business School Impact System (BSIS) labelled school, deployed several relief actions. Below you can find excerpts from a document published by the University, available for download further down, with ideas of how business schools can help.

Today, every act of global solidarity with Ukraine is a testimony to our commitment to the universal values that underpin the civilized world: freedom, democracy, and human rights. We stand in full solidarity with the heroic struggle of Ukrainians in defence of their homeland and said values.

As a business school, we have long declared our concern for social well-being, for the good of our planet, and we have incorporated sustainability goals at the level of our strategy. We could appreciate the true value of these declarations in recent days and see them in action when all members of our academic community acted in the most humane way and provided selfless support to the victims of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Kozminski University has undertaken a number of initiatives in solidarity with Ukraine.

1. Activities to support refugees

  • On 25 February 2022, we set up a Warsaw Support Centre for refugees in the building of Kozminski University. The Centre was established in cooperation with the Ukrainian House in Warsaw of the ‘Our Choice’ Foundation. In the first days and hours of the war, we aided 340 Ukrainian families, including 600 adults and nearly 500 children.
  • We hosted 1,336 volunteers registered–including many KU students (as of Monday, 28 February, 13:00). 3,000 beds were offered, and about 4 tons of goods were collected.
  • Kozminski University faculty members conduct activities supporting refugees directly on the Polish-Ukrainian border

2. Initiatives for the Ukrainian community of KU

  • KU offers support in the area of personal well-being, provided by our Wellbeing Office and qualified professionals from MindMed Psychotherapy Institute.
  • The Kozminski Foundation’s “In solidarity with Ukraine” fundraising campaign was launched on 25 February 2022. The campaign is co-organized by the KU Student Council. Students from the KU Student Council have recorded a video promoting the fundraising campaign – featuring students from Ukraine.
  • KU Legal Office staff provides support in legalizing the stay of KU’s Ukrainian employees and their families in Poland. The Legal Office staff provides support to the Student Council Board in organizing fundraising campaigns.
  • KU Student Council began collecting pledges from KU students willing to donate blood for those fighting in Ukraine. The Council is planning to arrange for a blood donation bus to come to KU.

3. Education and sharing knowledge about the invasion of Ukraine and its consequences

  • KU faculty have organized online seminars, e.g., ‘Russia’s aggression against Ukraine in light of international law’, hosted by the Department of International Law and European Union Law of KU’s College of Law.
  • Our academics have been actively engaged in media debates (appearing in top national news stations, e.g., Polsat News, TOK FM, Puls Biznesu, onet.pl), where they share their knowledge, comment on the current situation, and predict the possible consequences of the invasion of Ukraine.

Kozminski University: Solidarity with Ukraine

solidarity with uk


  1. Michel KALIKA, BSIS dr. on March 4, 2022 at 12:20

    What KU is doing is very important.
    When a BS focus on impact, it has also to act and to give the example in communicating about its actions.

  2. Anne Scott-Putney on March 6, 2022 at 14:57

    Please post a link to make a donation.