Leading change in challenging times: Lessons of disruption and innovation from Egypt – thoughts, observations, and reflections

Leading Change in Challenging Times

AUC School of Business Dean Sherif Kamel just released his new book titled Leading Change in Challenging Times: Lessons of Disruption and Innovation from Egypt – Thoughts, Observations, and Reflections. This is a hybrid book—part memoir, institutional history, and inspirational business leadership advice. It is an evocative mix covering personal thoughts and reflections on Egypt, history, youth, the economy, leadership, innovation, management, entrepreneurship, society, and many other aspects that shape our lives.

The book compiles a collection of insights on leading a business school in an emerging economy at a time of continuous social, political, and economic transformations. The book reflects the sentiments of a passionate Egyptian who grew inspired by its history and attached to its cultural heritage and its resilient people––the descendants of one if not the greatest civilization. The book’s underlying theme is the profound belief that Egypt remains uniquely positioned as the land of unparalleled opportunities and that it can become an intellectual, cultural, economic, and geopolitical powerhouse to reckon with in a dynamic and changing world.

The book is available on Amazon here: https://lnkd.in/dHFP6jvY

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