Eleven innovative business school scholarships

With many business schools keen to widen participation, communications experts Stephanie Mullins and Peter Remon from specialist business education PR consultancy BlueSky Education explore some of the most diverse scholarships offered in the industry.  

Business education can be a significant investment of both time and money – and business schools don’t want that to deter candidates.

With this in mind, many institutions look to widen diversity for under-represented groups and ensure that people from non-traditional backgrounds are able to afford and participate in graduate management education (GME). In fact, Nalisha Patel, GMAC’s Regional Director for Europe, says that now is the time for business schools to tackle diversity issues.

“This is a pivotal time in GME as we come out of the pandemic. Widening participation for under-represented groups within the European GME market is of growing importance and now more necessary than ever,” says Patel in light of GMAC’s recently released ‘The Global Diversity of Talent – Attainment and Representation report’, examining diversity across business schools.

And one-way schools are looking to widen access to GME for underrepresented groups is through scholarships, which look to help fund a specific candidate’s programme. Here we take a look at 11 different scholarships and who can apply for them:

Black future leader award – Imperial College Business School

Imperial College Business School recently launched its Black Future Leaders scholarship, which partly funds Masters programmes for students from Black or mixed black backgrounds from all regions, who can demonstrate their leadership potential and want to make a positive contribution to the community. The School plans for the scholarship to be available for Full-Time MBA students in 2022.

Opportunity and equality (ONE) – Vlerick Business School

Vlerick Business School launched an Opportunity and Equality (ONE) scholarship for Masters programmes, which is aimed at students who either represent diversity or have shown active engagement in promoting diversity. The scholarship is for first-generation university students, those who belong to a minority group or an underprivileged community, or are engaged in long-term initiatives that have a clear social impact.

Global development – Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

The Global Development Scholarship at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management is aimed at students from developing economies who have shown excellent academic performance. This scholarship is for Masters programmes and targets impressive students from South-East Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa.

Young potential leaders – Alliance Manchester Business School

The Young Potential Leaders Scholarship at Alliance Manchester Business School is designed to nurture and fast-track young British talent. Every year, the Business School provide scholarships for up to 10 talented high-flyers to join the Manchester Full-time MBA. The individuals will demonstrate high potential for rapid career advancement and a track record of using their talent to improve society.

Start-Up founders – ESMT Berlin

ESMT Berlin offers MBA candidates a scholarship focused on their entrepreneurial mindset. The Start-Up scholarship is offered to two potential candidates a cohort, giving them a discount on their MBA programme if they have at least three years of experience running their own start-up, including equity ownership in the company.

First enrolled nationality – emlyon business school

The first nationality scholarship at emlyon business school is a 20% discount offered to International MBA students who are the first to be enrolled in the programme from their specific country that year. The scholarship is not limited, and therefore can be offered to numerous students, in order to help them have a rich learning environment in France.

Women in business – Durham University Business School

Durham University Business School each year offers a scholarship on behalf of the Executive Dean for impressive women in business, to enrol on the MBA programme. Candidates for the scholarship must show outstanding experience, demonstrate involvement in volunteering or community support activity and demonstrate how they have provided a supportive, inclusive environment or built a culture of belonging, amongst a number of other criteria.

East London healthcare leaders – UCL Global Business School for Health

The recently launched UCL Global Business School for Health are offering Health MBA scholarships that focus on the East London area. The healthcare scholarships are for students who live or work in East London and are keen to make a difference for their local community. The key aim is to help develop the local talent in health and healthcare management and leadership.

Emergency assistance fund – ESCP Business School

ESCP Business School caters to students from all programmes who need quick and rapid help to continue their studies, through their Emergency Assistance Fund. The Business School offers scholarships to students in difficulty, in order to avoid them dropping out of their studies because of exceptional difficulties, such as health, financial or familial problems. The School sees this as a solidarity fund with those students in most need.

Women in luxury – NEOMA Business School

Alongside luxury champagne company Veuve Clicquot, NEOMA Business School launched a scholarship programme in aid of female students on their Masters in Management programme. The scholarship caters for 10 female students per year, recognising the important role education plays in the liberation and future success of women. The scholarships are awarded on the basis of social, financial and academic criteria.

Cleantech Challenge – MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business

MIP Politecnico di Milano looks to cater for students with an interest in sustainability and the circular economy through its Cleantech challenge scholarships. The scholarships specifically focus on the School’s International MBA and were launched for students who wish to become the assistants of the MIP Circular Economy Challenge, thus working on cleantech and future sustainable initiatives whilst studying for their MBA.