Reinventing online learning: The experiential approach at CapSource


Did you know that only ⅓ of university students expect to graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the workplace? And according to a report by BCG, 64% of business leaders believe that traditional institutions currently don’t prepare students with the skills they need for the jobs they seek.

CapSource, a US-based EdTech startup founded by Jordan Levy in 2017 is here to bridge this widening skills gap.

Since the start of the pandemic, virtual learning engagements have been on the rise. But it is no secret that much of this online learning has been focused on digitising the same old classroom curriculum. Rather than repackaging live lectures and tests into online versions of the same thing, CapSource encourages universities to explore a fresh approach to learning.

What exactly is this proposed ‘fresh’ approach?

It’s known as virtual experiential learning. Simply put, experiential learning is an active form of applied learning. This unique virtual learning approach encourages and requires students to apply what they’re learning in the classroom to dynamic and complex professional situations with real stakes. As a result, students are able to further enhance their professional skill set since there is real pressure to produce results and problem-solve.

With key industry players switching to remote working as a permanent work option, online skills development continues to prove invaluable for students to navigate the professional world and succeed in increasingly competitive job markets. It’s never been more important to connect across sectors, transfer knowledge and gain valuable skills and experience – especially at a time when technology is capable of accelerating these interactions across borders.

Through carefully designed hands-on experiential learning collaborations, CapSource is dedicated to helping higher education institutions around the world better organise and coordinate the integration of industry partners into their existing curriculums. The company’s innovative software and technological services enable universities to seamlessly provide students with immersive virtual experiential learning experiences, better equipping them with both the soft and hard skills required to thrive in the global workforce.

We now live in the 21st Century. Students are the future of our workforce. They need to be better prepared. It’s simple, education systems need to adapt.

To date, CapSource has already connected more than 3200 students and 600 educational institutions with over 300 industry partners worldwide. And the numbers continue to grow.

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