The Fourth Global Conference on Creating Value

creating value

The University of South Flordia and the Creating Value Alliance are proud to invite you to the Fourth Global Conference on Creating Value that will take place online from 21-23 September 2021.

The business and academic world are becoming serious about creating value for all stakeholders. The CEOs of the largest US companies through the Business RoundTable signed off on creating value for stakeholders in 2019. This thought was echoed by Davos in 2020.

What should companies do and how? Should they extract more value from stakeholders than create value for them and why? How do they make social and environmental focus important? How do they get their leaders and executives to create value and improve profits?

How should academics build a more robust value thinking and teaching of value creation and making value creation a central theme in education and the role of an executive? The Journal of Creating Value has special issues coming out in November 2021 on Creating Value in Business and in May 2022 in Defining and Measuring Value, for which papers are invited.

Certification program

Concurrent with the 4th Global Conference on Creating Value, we will hold a certification program. With the Business Roundtable and Davos both stating that the purpose of a business is to create value, it becomes imperative that executives and students learn what creating value means and use this in the businesses where they work.

There will be keynote addresses designated as certification courses along with six more courses that will follow. The registrants for the Creating Value Certification will have to pick six of the nine courses over a month at their leisure and answer questions at the end to get certified.

Those who do not wish to get a certificate can register as non-certificate participants for FREE. Those seeking certification will have to pay $69 US as administrative and quiz fees. The certification will be signed by Creating Value Alliance and the University of South Florida.

All lectures/courses will be less than two hours in length.

Details are available on the conference website and at


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