New EFMD Board of Trustees members

We are delighted to introduce the three new distinguished EFMD Board members.

The EFMD Board plays a central role in the development of EFMD’s strategic direction and activities, and together they contribute to EFMD’s mission of being a catalyst to promote and enhance excellence in management development globally. Today, we couldn’t be prouder to welcome these three distinguished management education leaders to our board of trustees.

When asked about his engagements as an EFMD Board member, Univ. Prof. Dr Badelt commented: ‘I will concentrate my efforts on the following guiding ideas: business schools have to educate future leaders who are committed to efficiency and social justice, and environmental goals; they should also practise what they preach and should illustrate in their organisation how to implement sustainability; and finally, I want EFMD to support business school leaders to intensify their international networks because the problems of the future can only be solved through international cooperation.’

As a member of the EFMD board, Prof Dr Brito made the following commitment: ‘I want to dedicate myself to support and help EFMD continue promoting the continuous development of business schools, adapting to the new and challenging realities ahead. I also want to promote the positive impact, through knowledge creation and development of leaders, that business schools have on society. I believe this impact is enhanced when working together with corporations and organisations. Lastly, I will promote a comprehensive perspective of internationalisation covering the different parts of our globe and societies.’

When accepting her nomination as a new EFMD Board member, Prof. Witoonchart set the following goals: ‘Encourage collaboration among EFMD institutional members and management development professionals across geographical regions to enhance management practices; promote the integration of cross-disciplinary knowledge, competency-focused curricula, and diversity and inclusion in management education;  and support initiatives creating social innovations to resolve emerging global challenges while upholding the values of ethics, responsibility and sustainability.’

The three nominations were ratified during the 2021 Annual General Assemblies. For more information visit our website.

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